Hiring a Professional Fencing Contractor – The Pros and Cons

Hiring a Professional Fencing Contractor - The Pros and Cons

Is your boundary line looking a little bare? If your local council has granted permission, adding a new fence to your exterior could be the perfect solution.

A sturdy fence protects against pests and intruders, enhances privacy and can really enhance your landscape’s overall look. From traditional picket fences to contemporary designs, many people opt to hire a professional to install their fence instead of DIY.

But is hiring a fencing contractor always ideal? Why pay thousands of dollars in labor costs when you can learn how to do it yourself for free? While there isn’t a conclusive answer on which route is correct, there are pros and cons to both. 

Let’s go through them:

Pros of Hiring a Professional Fencing Contractor

You Should Get a Picture-Perfect Installation

The moment your fence installation service arrives on-site, their expectations are clear: get the job done right and within schedule. An experienced professional will know fences like the back of their hand, whether it’d be materials, terrain and the installation process itself. This leads to a job done quickly and accurately, with no oversights.

On the other hand, if you DIY or hire an amateur, you can expect mistakes and a slower installation. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get outstanding results, however, as it depends on your experience level and expertise. If you’re pressed for time, it’s always best to let the pros handle the installation.

It’s a Cost Effective Solution

Did you know a fence is a property investment? It protects and increases your property’s value. Potential buyers will always notice a slanted fence full of defects, and that could bring down the market value.

Hiring a professional is an excellent way to save money in the long-term, as their skill and accuracy will guarantee a perfect fence. Contrast this to a poorly constructed fence that will need expensive repairs down the line. 

Furthermore, if you do a poor job, you’ll probably have to hire a pro to fix it anyway.

They Can Offer Their Expertise

Did you know that aluminum tall walls offer fantastic privacy with minimal maintenance? Or that wooden picket fences are ideal for older, traditional properties? Different fence materials have different properties, and a good contractor can give you advice on what’s best for you.

If you’re on the fence (no pun intended) on which material suits your exterior, a contractor may offer guidance. They can assess your current exterior, your goals and design preferences and recommend a fence type for you. Contrast this to just picking a material online and ordering it, without understanding its practicalities.

They Know the Regulations of Your Local Area

Different states and territories will have different regulations when it comes to fencing, and even the local councils will have their set of rules. Your contractor should know these regulations inside-out, especially if they operate locally.

A DIY enthusiast, meanwhile, may be oblivious to these laws, meaning that you could be breaking them without realizing. For example, a fence over the height of 8 meters feet will generally require planning permission in most areas. Just ensure to contact your local council to double-check.

Cons of Hiring a Professional Fencing Service

Bigger Upfront Cost

While it’s cost-effective to hire a pro, you still have to pay a fair amount upfront. Depending on the size, scope and materials of your job, you could end up paying thousands in labor costs. In the USA, for example, fencing contractor hourly costs can range between $30 to $80.

If you’re on a budget, you could invest your resources and time into doing it yourself. The kicker is, you may have to sacrifice installation quality, which could affect your fence in the long-term. But with enough research, you should have a basic understanding of how to construct a fence yourself.

You Have Limited Options

Sometimes, a professional fencing contractor only has a select number of materials they offer. If you require something more exotic, you’ll have to spend extra time seeking out such services. This could be a con if you’re looking for something unique or specific.

There’s Less Satisfaction

Part of the reason DIY is so popular is the satisfaction you get from completing a task yourself. You put the hours in, and you get to show off the results with pride. With a professional, however, that satisfaction is all but gone – it’s their name on the job, not yours.

If DIY is important to you, it’s worth learning the basics and taking on the job. Don’t discount it just yet. But if you’re looking for a perfect fence with no hassle, then hiring a pro is necessary.

You Have to Work Around Them

Looking to have a BBQ with friends this weekend? If you hire a professional fencing contractor, then their schedule will take precedence. You’ll have to work around them and their availability, making every effort not to be in their way during the installation.

Furthermore, some people just don’t like strangers around their homes. If you’re an introvert, then the presence of a professional installer might not be ideal. This isn’t to say that it’s a massive con – it’s just something to keep in mind.

You Can Install the Fence in Your Own Time

Want to take a day off and work on other home improvement projects? No problem! The beauty of DIY is that you can install the fence in your own time. You don’t have to wait for a professional to arrive – you can just get on with it when you see fit.


So, is a reliable fencing installation service worth the investment? The short answer is most of the time. It’s a cost-effective solution that will increase property value by ensuring a perfect installation. While there are cons, the pros are simply too good to ignore. To sum up:


  • You’ll get a fence free of defects
  • Cost-effective solution with a perfect installation
  • They know the regulations of your area
  • They can offer their professional guidance on material selection
  • Increases property value


  • Bigger upfront cost
  • Limited options for materials
  • No satisfaction from completing the job yourself
  • Have to work around the contractor’s schedule
  • You can’t install it in your own time

Just weigh the pros and cons, and you’ll have a better idea of whether a professional fencing contractor is right for you. Good luck!

Michael Turner
Michael is the Senior Editor at TheNewsPocket. He is an environmental activist with broad, deep experience in print and online writing, publication and site management, news coverage, and editorial team management.