Google to develop “Augmented Reality OS” for an AR device

Google to develop "Augmented Reality OS" for an AR device
Google to develop "Augmented Reality OS" for an AR device

American based Technical giant Google now joins Apple, Meta, LG and etc., in making Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality based Operating system.

Social Networking Giant Facebook changed the name of its mother company Meta. And in that particular presentation, Mark Zuckerberg has informed the world about their new vision for the future, i.e. Metaverse.

Zuckerberg certainly expects that the future of technology will be more virtual oriented, in terms of work or get together, and even gaming.

Hence, to keep up with the change, LG, Samsung has already started acquiring several patents regarding Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices.

Google has also stepped in to make their operating system support the upcoming technology. 

What does Google officials have to say about it?

Team lead of Operating System for Augmented Reality, Mark Lucovsky shared that his team is in charge of building software and hardware components for AR products.

Mark has worked with Microsoft, Apple and Meta, now in charge at Google has focused more into skill force required to turn dreams into reality.

The company has issued notification of hiring engineers to work in camera for Augmented Reality inputs. Google is also ready to provide important role in AR portfolio and OS Foundation teams with several openings.

Google plans to combine AR with Virtual Reality

The tech giant Google has Android OS, Chrome OS and other Cast Operating systems. Hence, they have already started working to improve the systems to support the devices coming out in future.

Google to develop "Augmented Reality OS" for an AR device
Google to develop “Augmented Reality OS” for an AR device

The team will focus to build proper hardware as well which can operate on visual recognition and will always stay on for Voice recognition.

For the aspiring minds of upcoming generation, the technology is changing quite fast. And google is prepared to offer important roles for talented minds who can provide the required solutions for the challenges they’ll face in building the future.

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