Gonzo’s Treasure Map Provides a Glimpse of Where Casinos Are Heading with New Tech

Gonzo’s Treasure Map Provides a Glimpse of Where Casinos Are Heading with New Tech

The online casino industry has always adapted and evolved alongside new technology, and there’s a good chance that the casinos of the future will make the advanced offerings of today look ancient.

Some people expect augmented and virtual reality to have a major impact on the sector in the years ahead, and there are already signs that this is happening. Gonzo’s Treasure Map offers a glimpse of where casino games could be heading in the future.

Gonzo’s Treasure Map Provides a Glimpse of Where Casinos Are Heading with New Tech

What is Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live?

The live casino industry has grown exponentially over the last few years, and now there are countless new games emerging in the category. Betfair’s live dealer casino features a range of fresh titles including Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, and Funky Time Live. These offerings have come about to appeal to wider audiences who want more than just table games.

Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live is the latest innovation in this market, and it’s a spinoff from the hugely popular Gonzo’s Quest slot game. It features an animated map with players having to bet and see where they land. There’s treasure of varying value in different places around the board. Along with a live dealer, players also get to see an animated version of Gonzo, who helps to present the game.

First of Many Cross Platform Franchises

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt could be the first of many cross platform franchises in the online casino industry. There are various famous slots series that have led to spinoffs already, and some of these could soon move to the live casino sphere as well.

When this happens, the lines between slots and live casino could start to become blurred. For example, there’s already Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette Live, which is one of the latest offshoots of the much-loved slots series. This title combines the themes that make the slot games so popular, but also involves classic casino table game elements.  

Games Like This Could Flourish in Virtual Reality

According to Future Business Tech, virtual reality is likely to grow massively from 2030 onwards. When VR headsets are commonplace, it’s wise to expect the casino industry to have integrated them. After all, gambling sites have adapted to every major technological development the world has seen up to now. When this happens, it could lead to new game types, and the live casino category could be set to flourish further.

Gonzo’s Treasure Map Provides a Glimpse of Where Casinos Are Heading with New Tech

Many people who have imagined a VR future have envisioned that we will be transported into immersive virtual worlds. For instance, in Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, the character inhabits a sprawling virtual ecosystem known as the Oasis. Taking a game like Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt as an example, perhaps players will be able to enter the world of the game and experience traversing the map themselves.

Casino game developers are continuing to bring in plenty of new features and technology to their games. The inclusion of a virtual character hosting Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a nifty new feature, that could signify the move towards a VR future at online casinos.