GM and AT&T have joined hands to bring 5G to vehicles

According to the latest news, General Motors and AT&T are coming together to bring 5G connectivity to “millions” of vehicles over the next decade. Officials of both the companies believe this partnership has the potential to improve 5G connectivity by better software performance, enhanced navigation, and faster music and video streaming capabilities.

From 2024, all Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GM vehicles will come equipped with 5G and all GM’s models from 2019 onwards which are equipped with 4G LTE will be able to experience “faster connectivity speeds and many of the same performance benefits of future 5G equipped vehicles”.

With this new effort by GM and AT&T, all cars made in 2019 and beyond will have improved data speeds and software performance along with reduced transmission latency. However, it will also depend on when AT&T’s network is ready to take on millions of new customers.

According to Ericsson, 5G has the potential to be 100 times faster than 4G LTE but for most smartphone owners, it has been a mixed bag. The aforesaid infrastructure is taking longer to build than expected, and in terms of speed, most smartphones claiming to use 5G are not even faster than 4G. It seems this is why GM and AT&T are waiting till 2024 for rolling out new 5G equipped vehicles. Thomas DeMaria, executive director of 5G connectivity at GM said “It’s really not a function of what’s missing in the vehicles. It’s more around the maturity of the 5G tech technology, and also the readiness of 5G.”

Maria Janulis
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