Facebook does not want to shift its focus from young adults

According to the latest news, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that within the organization, he has redirected teams to “make serving young adults their north star.” The comment has been made on a call with investors this afternoon. Facebook showed concern about declining usage among teens and young adults.

Zuckerberg said, “So much of our services have gotten dialed to be the best for the most people who use them, rather than specifically for young adults.” Zuckerberg believes the change will be more than just lip service otherwise Facebook usage among older people will get slower due to the changes. Talking about tradeoffs, he said, “I think it’s the right approach.”

It is to be noted that even Zuckerberg expects the changes will take a couple of years to get effective. Immediate shifts can be seen in Instagram, which he says will see “significant changes” to lean further into video and make Reels “a more central part of the experience.” From this, it is clear that Facebook wants to grab market share from TikTok. He said TikTok is “one of the most effective competitors we’ve ever faced.”

Though more or less, the details have started to emerge from now on, it is clear that Facebook has been planning this for quite some time. A Facebook document reported declining usage among teenagers and the company seems to have taken it as an alarming situation. The report also showed a couple of ideas Facebook considered to increase usage among younger users. Some of the methods considered by Facebook were revamped groups, job finding tools, and mood feeds.

Mary Woods
A news media professional with strong experience in online journalism, content management, and social media.