9 Best Working ExtraTorrent Alternatives You Should Try in 2024!


Even though ExtraTorrent was shut down six years ago, a lot of people are still searching for trustworthy alternatives to the platform for torrenting. Many ExtraTorrent proxy sites were created as a result of this, including well-known ones like extratorrents.cc. However, these were primarily utilized for harmful purposes like phishing and malware distribution.

To identify the top safest and most enduring ExtraTorrent substitutes, we examined a wide range of torrent websites. The top 12 live and functional ExtraTorrent substitutes will be discussed in this post.

But remember that it’s better to make sure you’re safe from any harmful software that you can unintentionally download when utilizing any torrenting website. Using NordVPN’s Threat Protection function, which protects you from viruses, is the best method to accomplish it.

Are Alternatives to ExtraTorrent Secure?

ExtraTorrent removed its official mirror sites and cleared all its database before shutting down. Mirror and counterfeit websites consequently appeared.

However, be wary of imitations or clones posing as ExtraTorrent. They put out a warning to users warning them to stay away from fakes before the genuine site fell down. We both think it’s wise counsel. We also suggest a number of safety precautions for using alternatives to ExtraTorrent, like:

  • Get a VPN Subscription to Encrypt Your Data. Our thorough testing with NordVPN showed that, in addition to its many other security features, this service can successfully protect your sensitive data thanks to its strong AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Make Use of Antivirus Software. Downloading the best antivirus software helps shield you against Trojan horses and other threats.
  • Visit Trustworthy Torrent Websites. It is more likely that you will be able to access clean files if you download torrents from reputable websites.
  • Download only Trusted Torrents. Because users have reviewed these files, they are safe to download.
  • Select Torrents that Have a Lot of Seeds. Choose a file with lots of seeders if you want your torrent to download faster and you want to be able to view it sooner.
  • Look Over the Website’s Comments. It’s usually a good idea to check reviews before downloading a torrent.

It is highly advised that you stay away from any websites that use the same domain name as ExtraTorrent and instead rely on the secure ExtraTorrent substitutes that we provide below. Moreover, we strongly advise encrypting your data with a quality VPN service, like NordVPN, to make sure you are safe when accessing torrenting websites.

The Top 9 Alternatives to ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent gained popularity because of its vast and regularly updated library, dependability, and user-friendliness. Based on those standards, we compiled a list of the top 9 ExtraTorrent substitutes after looking through dozens of torrent websites.

1. The Pirate Bay: The Best Torrent Website Overall


The most well-known torrent website is The Pirate Bay. It has an enormous collection of books, music, films, TV series, software, videos, and everything in between.

Because of its search function and filtering capabilities, it is regarded as one of the greatest torrent sites because it is simple to use and traverse. For instance, we may search torrents by categories like movies or filter content on the website using the “Top 100” feature.

Among well-known ExtraTorrent substitutes, The Pirate Bay stands out for making it simple to locate safe torrent downloads. A color-coded skull has been assigned to each file. The torrent is confirmed and safe to download when it has a purple skull that indicates VIP status and a green skull that indicates trusted.

Regrettably, more than 20 nations—including Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, and Italy—still prohibit access to The Pirate Bay. Use a VPN to view the website if you are unable to access it otherwise. With NordVPN, you can simply access The Pirate Bay by changing your virtual location and IP address.

2. 1337x: Optimal for Tv Series and Software


Like any other peer-to-peer torrent service that has endured over time, 1337x has a lengthy history of controversy. There have been a number of problems with 1337x, including malware infection and bans from search engines like Google. Why is it listed among the alternatives to ExtraTorrent?

The website underwent a makeover in October 2016 with a new appearance and feel, and all malware was eliminated. We thoroughly enjoyed the torrent site’s user-friendly interface and lack of advertisements when evaluating it. Additionally, its extensive library of updated content impressed us. The most recent releases have made this P2P torrent website especially well-known.

Nevertheless, it lacks a direct identifier for safe torrents, in contrast to The Pirate Bay. However, by going on their account and looking through their upload history, you can still tell who is a real uploader.

Their uploads will probably be more genuine the longer their upload history is. Thus, you should have no trouble using 1337x if you download torrent files with a little caution.

3. Torrent Downloads: An Excellent Substitute for Extra Torrent for Any Kind of Entertainment Software


When it comes to torrenting websites, TorrentDownloads is a bit of a jack of all trades. We discovered filters for games, music, movies, TV series, and other types of entertainment. Even if the website looks a little antiquated, everything is organized really well.

Lists of recently released TV series and films, including well-known titles like The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon and John Wick 4, were displayed directly on the home screen. It’s not always simple to find exactly what you want this way, but we found that the filters did a good job of limiting the options.

This website has a lot of advertisements, and occasionally, advertisements on unlicensed websites might be risky. To protect yourself, be sure to purchase a VPN. You won’t be traced or fall for fraudulent adverts thanks to NordVPN’s integrated ad blocker!

4. Yts: Good Range of Movie Torrents


The easiest and most convenient torrent website to utilize is YTS. It is straightforward because it only discusses movies. Yes, only movies—no TV shows, no video games.

While on the website, we could use the 4K filter to view only the newest films, or click “browse movies” for more suggestions. There are four different resolutions for the torrent files: 720p, 1080p, 2160p, and 4K. Due of its ability to provide top releases in very tiny file sizes and significantly shorten download times, YTS quickly gained immense popularity.

We think it’s among the greatest torrent sites because it has a ton of classic movies that you can download in high definition, like Casablanca. Although the website does not contain advertisements, clicking on a movie title opens them in a different tab.

However, keep in mind that it is unlawful to download copyrighted content for free, such as those hosted on YTS. Additionally, this may result in significant fines or jail time, depending on your area. We strongly discourage downloading any unauthorized copyrighted content.

5. Lime Torrents: The Greatest Source of Recent Torrents


We found Lime Torrents‘ user interface to be user-friendly and intuitive. As soon as we arrived at the website, we saw that the homepage had a sizable search bar that made it easy to find what you were looking for.

Below the search box, you can click on categories like games, movies, anime, and applications if you’re not looking for anything in particular.

Because it links to torrents on other websites rather than hosting its own torrents, the website also boasts an enormous database. It takes great satisfaction in being an adult-free website that caters to families.

If you want to download the newest torrents, LimeTorrents is great. However, it is unreliable for older torrents because to an inadequate seed/peer ratio.

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6. Eztv: Top Choice for Tv Series


Eztv Is the King of Tv Programming, but The Pirate Bay is the general king of torrents. We discovered that the UI was more cluttered and resembled ExtraTorrent’s. We did appreciate the site’s innovative and practical content organization, though.

For instance, the TV series are divided into three categories on the homepage: the most recent additions, whole season packs, and the top 20 seeded torrents. This makes it easy to find what you’re searching for or discover something new.

One of the greatest torrent sites is EZTV, which is well-known for uploading episodes as soon as they show. Not to add, we had really decent download speeds. Just remember to utilize a VPN, particularly if your area blocks EZTV.

We also like that this website suggests using a VPN! If you don’t utilize a VPN service, your internet service provider can see everything you do online. Get NordVPN now to prevent surveillance and conceal your online behavior!

7 Torlock: An Extensive Collection of Various Torrents


As a torrent website, Torlock takes great satisfaction in having no fakes. It supports this assertion, for example, by paying users to report malware they discover on the website.

Nine million torrents are available, and hundreds more are added every day. The first page displays newly added torrents, and you can also explore files by top 100 rankings or various categories.

The website loaded really quickly, and the most of the torrent categories were clearly marked on the top page. Regretfully, there was a recent update that made the site’s advertisements quite bothersome. We may replace ExtraTorrent with other options if this doesn’t improve quickly.

The drawback is that occasionally, search results don’t match up with what you were looking for. The website is therefore utilized in conjunction with other ExtraTorrent websites.

8. Torrent Funk: Huge Torrent Database


TorrentFunk is a sophisticated, intricate lime-green user interface that shows torrents. Because it labels safe torrents as “verified” and assigns a high or bad rating to files, we think this is one of the greatest torrent sites. Because it ensures that consumers download only safe files, this is beneficial.

A huge selection of high-quality, seed-rich movies, TV series, books, video games, and much more are available on TorrentFunk. The site’s dependable search engine makes it easy to locate what you’re looking for.

The torrents are further divided into categories based on size, seeds, uploader, date added, and health. This facilitates the process of locating the ideal file for direct download or magnet link download.

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9. BitLord: A Client for Torrents that Works with Chromecast


BitLord is a torrent client that can be downloaded and used on Windows and macOS to access torrents privately. Although the interface can be challenging to use, we had no trouble installing it, and it functions effectively. The built-in search box makes it simple to look for torrents.

Movies and some of the greatest Netflix series were readily available for download as files on BitLord. We tested a download and saw about 30 Mbps, indicating that our download speeds were excellent as well. Everything just happens inside the client, processing and downloading.

BitLord is a safe and practical torrent client that we have tested. However, make sure you always utilize a VPN that guards you against infection when downloading new apps or files via torrenting. We have verified that NordVPN’s Threat Protection function successfully stops adware and harmful malware.

What Happened to RARBG?

The torrent website RARBG was once listed here, however it closed in the middle of 2023. Referencing other concerns that impacted the group, such as the conflict in Eastern Europe, the operators disabled RARBG. Before closing, RARBG sent out this statement to fans of torrenting:

“Some members of our staff passed away from COVID-19 issues, while others are still affected by it and are unable to function at all. A few are fighting on BOTH SIDES in the European War.

We were also severely impacted by the rise in power costs in European data centers. Our daily expenses are unaffordable due to inflation. Consequently, without incurring significant costs that we can no longer afford out of pocket, we are unable to maintain this website.

We’ve concluded that we can no longer do it after a unanimous vote.

We apologize:(

Although RARBG is now available on a number of proxy and mirror websites, we do not advise utilizing them since they can include dangerous files or malicious software that could damage your device.

How We Selected the Greatest VPN for Alternatives to ExtraTorrent?

Among the more dangerous things you can do online is torrenting. To prevent malware from infecting you or tracking you down, you must use a VPN. These considerations were made by our cybersecurity specialists when selecting the right VPN:

  • Anonymity: Refusing to be tracked and keeping your whereabouts a secret from your torrent swarm members are crucial. Your anonymity is safeguarded by NordVPN’s 256-bit encryption, zero-logs guarantee, and other security measures.
  • Server Selection: When a server is overloaded, torrents may become extremely sluggish. This is typical of free VPNs. You can always find lightning-fast servers thanks to NordVPN’s robust server network, which boasts over 6000 servers. NordVPN is our fastest VPN provider.
  • Malware Protection: The Threat Protection function of NordVPN actively lowers the possibility that you will come across malware. Steer clear of dubious websites and check files for malware before opening them.

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Although the torrenting community was left with a vacancy once Extra torrents disappeared, the aforementioned alternatives have stepped up to take its place. Depending on your interests, these services provide a wide range of possibilities, such as verified torrents, high-quality content, or user-friendly interfaces.

As always, it’s important to use these services sensibly and morally and to keep yourself updated about the legal ramifications of torrenting in your area.