Deeper Connect PICO – World’s 1st Decentralized VPN & Firewall for Secure and Safer Internet

Deeper Connect PICO – World's 1st Decentralized VPN & Firewall for Secure and Safer Internet

The World’s lightest, smallest & thinnest yet powerful cybersecurity hardware device with 7-layer firewall and Decentralized VPN.

PICO comes from Deeper Connect family with the same plug-n-play feature. The product is suitable for people who travels more with more works on Internet.

Included with a powerful Wi-Fi adapter, the users can enjoy a safer and more secure Internet from anywhere at home or outside while travelling.

What is Deeper Connect PICO?

Deeper Connect PICO is a device which can provide limitless Internet with 7-grade Enterprise level security. The device has in-built Decentralized VPN with features like ad-blocker and one-click parental control.

The company is confident of providing such services through a single device with no subscription fee at all. Services like VPN, Ad-Blocker, cybersecurity requires a lot of money on annual basis which can be bypassed using Deeper Connect PICO.

Deeper Connect PICO – World’s 1st Decentralized VPN & Firewall

Known Features of DC PICO

The single Deeper Connect PICO device can work in as Router mode, Virtual Relay mode and Virtual wire mode.

The Decentralized VPN assures you to provide more stable and higher intelligent routing features with high security and low cost. Company claims that PICO will not store data which can be hacked by 3rd party.

The device can work as a protecting shield for all IoT devices together. Every PICO device holder can also share bandwidth with each other on a global scale.

The device has maximum bandwidth of 100Mbps to 1Gbps running on Quad-Core CPU and 512MB to 2GB memory.

The price range will stay around $129 and $485 for Early bird pledgers on Kickstarter. Product combo can range upto $2000. Company is expecting to start order shipping from January 2022.

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