College Life Anime and Educational Challenges

College Life Anime and Educational Challenges
College Life Anime and Educational Challenges

One of the most popular settings for anime is the college campus. It is because college life provides a perfect backdrop for stories, from slice-of-life tales to more dramatic fare. College life in anime is often shown to be a time of exploration and self-discovery and a time when friendships are made (and sometimes broken).

Some famous examples of anime set on college campuses include Clannad, Honey and Clover, and Nana. We see characters grappling with love, loss, and friendship issues in these shows. We also see them exploring their own identities and finding out who they want to be.

How to find time for anime?

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College Life Anime and Educational Challenges
College Life Anime and Educational Challenges

Love Hina

Most college students want to explore life by having a brand new environment that could help them learn more about life, people, and perspectives, be it in a college or university that they want to attend, or with the new lifestyle they want to explore. Love Hina is one of the most relatable anime for students, given that this anime showed how failures and responsibilities may help people mold themselves into someone they do not expect. 

Here are the three most relatable challenges college students experience: 

1. Living independently 

One of the most nerve-wracking experiences of being a college student is living alone. For the first time, just like Keitaru Urashima, we get to experience a new chapter in our lives by living away from our parents. From the anime, you can see that being independent has its own consequences. However, it is totally worth it in the long run! Going to college will not only help you develop skills and talents, it will also make you a better person. Just like Urishima, as he adjusts to his new environment and grows with it. 

2. Bigger responsibilities 

One of the greatest problems of Keitaru Urishima is when he was not able to go to the University of Tokyo. Although failed to fulfill his promise with his childhood friend, he remained firm on choosing to study in Tokyo. As we begin to choose schools and courses that would eventually lead us to our dream careers, we accept tasks from our professors, mentors, seniors with an expectation that they will eventually guide us to what we want. Academic responsibilities make students step up from their comfort zones, but it gets easier over time.

3. Meeting different people 

Some students may be even considered as late-bloomers, but in college, most begin to mature as they interact with different people. Just like Urashima, who eventually had different love interests as the anime falls into the harem genre. Falling in love begins with meeting people from different surroundings, learning their flaws and imperfections and investing in the connection with them.

Glasslip anime

College life in anime is often depicted as being full of possibilities. It is a time when young people explore their futures and discover who they are. It is a time of new experiences and new friendships. And it is a time when anything can happen.

Touko Fukami is an aspiring glass artist from a family of glass artisans. She has always had a passion for creating beautiful things out of glass, and she finally gets her chance to shine when she is accepted into a prestigious art school.

However, Touko’s world is turned upside down when she starts seeing strange visions in her glasswork. These visions seem to be connected to the future, and they start to become more and more real as time goes on.

As Touko tries to make sense of these visions, she must also deal with the complications that come with being a young artist on the rise. Can she find a way to control her gift, or will it end up consuming her completely?