Celebrities Who Unwind With A Fishing Rod

In recent years, fishing has become an increasingly popular choice for tourists around the world. Depending on the type of fish and holiday you want, both colder locations like Canada and Iceland are popular, as are the sunnier climes found in the Caribbean. There are several factors behind the growth of the industry, such as tourist preference for outdoor holidays as well as the diversification of the industry into eco-tourism. A third reason for the growing popularity could be the increasing number of celebrities relaxing by the water, so in this article, we’re going to look at three celebrities who enjoy fishing in their down time.

Brad Pitt

Not only has the first actor on our list taken up fishing as part of his life away from the big screen, he actually learned on the set of one of his earlier roles, when he played Paul Maclean in A River Runs Through It. Since then, he has been pictured trying it out in his free time. It’s not surprising either, because since the early 1990s, not only has fishing tourism increased, but there has also been mention of fishing in the entertainment industry.

These days, Netflix and other streaming services are awash with fishing-themed shows and documentaries, such as Deadliest Catch. While in iGaming, slot games such as Fishin Frenzy Slot have brought fishing to the digital world in the underwater-themed game. Pitt’s appearance brought fishing to the big screen and to a mainstream audience paving the way for the popularity of fishing we see today.

Mo Salah

When one of the most feared marksmen in the sport isn’t on the soccer pitch, he can be spotted relaxing on a yacht fishing. The season affords few breaks to players, with both domestic and international games filling the yearly calendar. However, when he gets the chance, Salah unwinds by going fishing  with his family, regularly posting his impressive catches on social media.

Michael Jordan

The sporting connection doesn’t stop with soccer.  Michael Jordan also enjoys fishing, so much so that he’s even taken part in recent competitions. Since 2020, he and his team have entered the Morehead City Tournament competing against others to see who can get the biggest catch. The superstar who counts six NBA titles amongst his career achievements has said the sport quells his competitive edge and helps him relax.

The list of celebrities who enjoy fishing seems endless and includes Liam Neeson, Oprah Winfrey, and Tiger Woods, three of the biggest names in their profession. This love of fishing by both celebrities and the general public has translated into huge economic growth and further potential in the coming years. The fishing tourism economy in the US is said to be worth $72 billion, and in ten years, estimates say it will triple in size. With this growth, sightings of some of the most famous celebrities taking up the hobby may become even more common.

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