Can You Get a Gratis Mobilabonnement and How to Do It?

Visiting Norway? Is your plan to stay in the country for a while instead of just passing by, do some sightseeing, and move on? Perhaps it is your work that has taken you there, or it could be your personal life. In any case, you’ll love the period you’ll spend in Norway because it is a beautiful country with lots of things to explore, while also being very well organized and filled with loads of opportunities you could grab if looking to advance in your career, for example.

Whatever the reason for your visit, however, and regardless of whether you’re planning on staying in the country pretty much forever, or just for some time, one thing is absolutely for sure. Staying in contact with the people back in your home country is important because you don’t want to lose those connections. And then, there is also the need to stay in touch with the people you’ll meet in Norway as well, which is another significant thing to do as well because forming new connections will be extremely helpful.

In order to stay in touch, you’ll need to get the right mobile subscription to use in the country. Now, if you’re planning on staying for a short while, you may not be rather keen on getting a subscription and then having to pay for it even after you’ve left the country. But you also don’t want to get a plan that won’t work well for you in the long run, especially if you’re planning on staying in Norway for longer. And then, on top of this all, you’re most likely also wondering whether the option of getting a free mobile subscription actually exists, as that could solve some of your problems and lead you towards being less concerned.

Can You Get a Free Mobile Subscription?

It is completely normal for you to wonder about the free solution. After all, we all have our budgets to worry about and we want to make sure that we are using them responsibly, instead of recklessly. While paying for a mobile plan, and thus for the possibility of staying in touch with your loved ones, and pretty much everyone else, is something you are perfectly used to and spending money on it is completely normal, it is no wonder you’re curious if a free option actually exists.

Does it, then? Well, if you take some time to check out or similar useful sources, you’ll realize that the free option actually does exist. That, however, doesn’t automatically mean you will be able to get a plan and then use it free of charge for years and years to come. There are some restrictions that come with this option, and understanding those will help you get a further idea if it is the best choice for you or not.

What kinds of restrictions am I talking about here, though? Well, for one thing, there is a time limit on the free-of-charge offer. Meaning, of course, that you can get a gratis mobilabonnemet, but for a limited time, and not forever. What is the limit? Depends on the provider, but the free option is usually offered for two months and not longer than that.

In addition to that, you could search for a provider that offers a free subscription for children under the age of 13. If you have a child, then, you may be able to get a plan and not pay for it. Naturally, there are also some restrictions regarding how the subscription can be used, but those are usually good enough for children. In short, they can get 1GB of data and the opportunity to call 3 numbers in Norway completely for free.

If you’re not looking for anything for your children, but for a plan that will work for you, here is what you are most likely wondering. What happens if you do get that plan that is free and then the two months expire? What can you do from there? Well, two different things.

First off, you can just decide not to work with that specific provider that has offered you the initial plan and then switch to another one. Or you can continue with that same operator and agree to pay a monthly fee for your plan. So, the free-of-charge period can be considered as something of a trial period that will help you determine if certain providers and certain subscriptions are right for you or not. Checking what the subscription offers and how much you would have to pay will help you determine if you want to continue cooperating with the same provider.

How to Do It?

Now, once you’ve realized that the opportunity of getting a free-of-charge mobile subscription in Norway exists, you will want to figure out how to actually do it. Not having done this before, it is perfectly normal for you to be a bit confused about how to find this solution and be sure you’ve chosen the best one for you. Let us, therefore, take you through the steps and tell you what you need to know when aiming at getting this particular solution. Speaking of what you should know, go here to understand all you should know about buying a SIM card as a foreigner.

  • Find Providers That Offer the Option

While some providers offer this particular opportunity, others don’t. It is your task, thus, to find those that do offer the option and then check them out in more detail. You will have a couple of providers in Norway to research when aiming at getting the free subscription, meaning that you shouldn’t automatically jump towards making your decision, until you have explored your options.

One of the things to do when exploring the different providers is to check how long they have been operating on this specific market. Usually, the longer they have been on the market, the better, because it could mean that they have been serving their clients well for a long time and that they are, therefore, worth checking out. Visiting the official sites of those providers can help you get some important info about them, so don’t forget to do it.

  • Check Their Reputation

If you really want to know how well they have served the clients, you’ll also need to check their reputation. Doing this, through reviews and possibly through conversations with some of the people that have used their free subscriptions or that have even continued working with them even after the 2-month period, will be of great help. Determining the reputation will let you know what to expect from the providers in terms of general quality of service, and you definitely want to expect good things. So, remember to take your time to explore the providers’ reputation before making any final choices.

  • Compare the Offers

What you will have to do next is compare the actual offers, as those will differ from provider to provider. Sure, when it comes to the free period, it will usually be no longer than 2 months with every provider you choose, but you have to take a look at the offers you can get after that period, so as to find out if those could be right for you, or if you should look further. Even the free period offers can be different in one way or another, so exploring those in detail is also important.

Most likely, you’ll get to find the relevant information regarding those offers on the official websites of the different providers. It is, however, also a good idea to find some websites designed to compare the providers in detail, as those will give you all the info you need about their specific offers. Finding one of those trusted sites will make your entire research much easier, so make sure to do it.

  • Compare the Prices Afterwards

While the first couple of months will be free, you can’t expect to pay anything after that period runs out. And, naturally, the prices after the free period will be different from one provider to another. Meaning, of course, that you will need to compare the prices you can get afterward in advance so that you can choose the plan you want to settle with right from the start. That is, of course, if you’re planning on settling with any of them, and if you’re not leaving Norway after those couple of months that constitutes the free-of-charge period for your mobile subscription plan.

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