Can an SSL certificate benefit your business?

Can an SSL certificate benefit your business?

An SSL certificate serves many functions. Initially, it is a significant advantage for your website itself to have an SSL certificate, as it ensures security. Moreover, an SSL certificate is also good for your business, as such a certificate will lead to your business getting more online exposure.

What is an SSL certificate?

Many might be intimidated by the name and thus not benefit from the many advantageous implications an SSL certificate offers. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a kind of security seal that your website can obtain. Technically, it is a protocol for encrypting information on the internet (between a so-called client and a server). Besides, it can also secure other aspects, such as an email.

Today, a TLS certificate is used. TLS stands for Transport Layer Security and is the standard used today instead of an SSL certificate. However, many still refer to the certificate as SSL, as it has become a more popularized and widespread term. Hence, the SSL designation has stuck to the field, even when it comes to TLS. Therefore, many use the term SSL/TLS.

How do you get more exposure through SSL/TLS?

The reason an SSL certificate (or rather TLS) is advantageous is that various search engines favor websites with these certificates in their results. This is because security is guaranteed with such a certificate. Undoubtedly, there are websites without an SSL/TLS certificate, but if you use an SSL certificate, this security is guaranteed.

This is preferable for search engines, as they are more confident that the websites, they refer to are safe for their users. Therefore, your website will be ranked higher with this arrangement. This has the potential to create increased sales in your business, as exposure and visibility are the most crucial markers for attracting new customers.

Get a certificate from TRUSTZONE

Whether it is called an SSL certificate or a TLS certificate, the result is the same. You want to secure the website for your users and ensure that your website ranks as high as possible in search results, such as Google.

It can be challenging to start from scratch by yourself, but with a company like TRUSTZONE, you can get help with this setup. This way, you can quickly get started with your certificate and enjoy the customers that come from it. 

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