Big Mom New Mode Revealed! – One Piece Chapter 1011 Discussion

Big Mom New Mode Revealed! – One Piece Chapter 1011 Discussion
Big Mom New Mode Revealed! – One Piece Chapter 1011 Discussion

Big Mom, a name that when heard causes fear and anxiety to the citizens in the world of One Piece. Big Mom for the most part has been an underwhelming Yonko compared to others. Her character has seen some ups and downs and the One Piece community has been pretty vocal about showing disinterest in her. However, the latest revelation in the manga will possibly change that.

One Piece chapter 1011 revealed a crucial aspect of her personality. This reveal has made her character even more interesting and fans can’t wait for more to explore it further. So far she has been wrecking heck on the rooftop and becoming a formidable enemy to the crew of Strawhats. But this new mode may be a ray of light and can potentially turn the tables for the invaders.

So what’s this new mode that surfaced in the latest chapter? What impact does it have on Big Mom? Read below as we discuss everything about the latest discovery of One Piece.

Big Mom from One Piece
Big Mom from One Piece

What is Big Mom’s New Mode?

Big Mom’s new mode is called “Mother Mode” as told by Prometheus in the One Piece chapter 1011. When Big Mom is in this mode, she acts like a mother when interacting with the kids under the age of 10.

This newfound mode doesn’t necessarily increase her strength but changes an element of her personality. When in Mother Mode, the terrifying Big Mom becomes a very sweet and loving individual, treating kids with care and love.

Big Mom New Mode Revealed
Big Mom New Mode

Why Was It Awakened?

In chapter 1011, we witnessed Mother Mode for the first time. The possible reason for this occurrence is her interaction with Tama. When Big Mom suffered Amnesia and lost her memories, she was fed by Tama and the citizens of the village. Upon meeting her again in Onigashima, she thanked Tama for treating her well and feeding her during the amnesia.

Tama explained to Big Mom that her village got destroyed by Kaido’s underlings which enraged Big Mom. Just at that time, Page One asked her to stop Otama and others however, Big Mom attacked him with a CoC imbued punch leaving him in shambles. This gives us a good idea of how far her personality changes when in this mode.

What Will be Its Impact on the Raid?

Fans were speculating on various ways in which Oda will break the alliance between Big Mom and Kaido. This may very well be the reason when both the emperors draw the line and abolish their newly formed alliance. We could even see a three-way battle because the primary reason why Big Mom came to Wano was to kill Luffy.

Big Mom is probably the most unpredictable Yonko so we can never imagine what she will do next. However, with this new revelation, we can say one of these two things can probably happen.

Big Mom Pirates vs Beast Pirates vs Invaders
Big Mom Pirates vs Beast Pirates vs Invaders

Alliance with Invaders

This is highly unlikely considering her hate for Strawhat but since we don’t know the extent of Mother Mode’s impact, this is a certain possibility. Nobody could imagine Big Mom and Strawhat aligning in million years because of their past. But the situation right now could very well place them on the same side of the ring.

Big Mom Pirates vs Beast Pirates vs Invaders

This is another scenario that has the potential to take place. Big Mom hasn’t forgotten the humiliation she received at the hands of Luffy. She may not be able to forgive him even if Tama tries convincing her. At the same time, she may not forgive Kaido for destroying Tama’s village and attack Beast Pirates.

We can all only speculate and wait for the next chapter. Hopefully, One Piece chapter 1012 will give us a better picture of what direction the story is going.

What do you think about this new mode of Big Mom? Will she join hands with Strawhats? Comment your thoughts down below and let us know what you think. You can also follow us on our social media handles to get the latest updates related to One Piece.

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