Best Presidents Day Deals 2023:  Consoles, Games, Xbox, PS5, Nintendo & more

Best Presidents Day Deals 2023:  Consoles, Games, Xbox, PS5, Nintendo & more
Key Takeaways

Microsoft’s console is already the best of this generation. We expect these things to happen this Presidents Day Deals: a good supply, a cheaper option, and Game Pass.

Microsoft is back on top with the Xbox Series X and S. During the Xbox One era, it seemed like Microsoft made a lot of mistakes. It has some great games that are only available on it, and it also has a ton of games from other companies. What’s best about these two game consoles? Pass Game.

Game Pass deals

Even when it’s not on sale, Game Pass is probably the best deal you can get. For a monthly fee, it brings a massive number of games to your console (and PC), including EA Play if you choose the Ultimate plan.

But we don’t think Game Pass will be marked down too much, if at all. The subscription service makes a lot of money, but it often has deals like “first month for a dollar.” Bundles that include Game Pass are what we do expect to be on sale.

Presidents Day Deals deals for Xbox consoles: $50 off the Series S

The Xbox Series S is basically a jukebox where any game can be played. It’s a small, white box that fits nicely in any media center and plays every modern game for a fraction of what the Xbox Series X costs.

According to presidentsdaydeals, Microsoft has cut the price of the Xbox Series S by $50 for the holidays.

Series X, on the other hand, could be a different story.

Microsoft’s best console is in stock a little bit more often, but it still sells well at full price, just like the PS5. We don’t think the console will be sold on its own during the holidays.

Also, the price of the PS5 is going up, so it’s still cheaper to buy an Xbox this holiday.

We’ll be on the lookout for deals like bundles and smaller discounts. In all honesty, Presidents Day Deals will be the best time to keep your eyes on because they always come up with great deals.

Xbox game sales this Presidents Day: Hundreds of games are cheap.

As with all other companies, the games are where the vast majority of sales will come from. This holiday season, Microsoft wants to hurt Sony’s chances, so as expected, most of the games are on sale.

Keep an eye on the Xbox games, though, because you might want to get Game Pass instead of buying your own copy. But if you get a game through Game Pass, it doesn’t always include the DLC you want.

But Call of Duty or Blizzard games won’t be on Game Pass this year. The 2023 merger is being looked at by UK regulators and isn’t expected to be finished until well into next year.

Xbox accessories: The best Presidents Day Deals we want to see

Microsoft is a little different from Sony in that it has a huge selection of first-party controllers that are often on sale. Microsoft’s different kinds of Xbox controllers get some kind of discount during each big deal.

This year is no different, as all of Microsoft’s “core” controllers have been cut by $20.

Get $20 off of specific controllers:

Of course, the prices of all the third-party controllers and any other gadgets or tools that make playing on the console easier will also go down. We’ll sort through the sand to find the gold, so you don’t have to spend hours looking through Amazon to find the right one.

We don’t think the Seagate storage expansion cards will get a price cut, mostly because they are made from CFast media, which is a very expensive type of storage used in video production.

You can also see what we think will happen with PlayStation, Nintendo, and sales in general on Presidents Day Deals.