Ayakashi Triangle manga is getting an anime adaptation

Leaked details on the anime adaptation of Kentarou Yabuki’s manga, Ayakashi Triangle (AyaTri), have lately surfaced through many media sources. Although there has been no official confirmation.

Some report also indicates that at the Jump Festa 2022 event, Yabuki’s work would have an important announcement, which is thought to be the official announcement of the anime adaptation.

Furthermore, the site domain for the Ayakashi Triangle anime project has been registered (https://ayakashi-triangle.com), which might be understood as the anime project’s green light. So let us wait until the information is officially released.

Ayakashi Triangle manga is getting an anime adaptation
Ayakashi Triangle anime adaptation

In June 2020, Yabuki began publishing this manga in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. So far, six volumes of the work have been published. Yabuki is an illustrator for Saki Hasemi’s work, To LOVE-Ru, in addition to Ayakashi Triangle.

Ayakashi Triangle narrates the tale of Japan, which is inhabited by a strange ghost known as Ayakashi. Matsuri Kazamaki, an exorcist ninja, is charged with fighting them every day in order to safeguard Suzu Kanade. However, Shirogane, an ayakashi cat, emerges.

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