Ariana Madix describes Tom Sandoval as ‘laughable’ and asserts that forgiving him and Raquel Leviss is ‘Not Happening’

Ariana Madix describes Tom Sandoval as 'laughable' and asserts that forgiving him and Raquel Leviss is 'Not Happening'

Ariana Madix is not afraid to say what’s on her mind about her prior connection with Tom Sandoval.

Vanderpump Rules actress Scheana Marie, 37, discussed her breakup with her boyfriend of nine years, Raquel Leviss, on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

She said of Sandoval’s apology tour, which aired on Wednesday’s season 10 finale of Vanderpump Rules, “I thought it was laughable,” according to Andy Cohen.

Madix acknowledged that the entire season was difficult for her to watch, but the most painful moment was when she witnessed “the fabrication of a narrative that was being formed the entire time without my knowledge, behind my back by not only my ex-boyfriend but also his little flying monkeys.”

“Tom Schwartz, mainly,” she continued, later accused him of “covering” for Sandoval, 40, and “actively participating in my downfall.”

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Cohen pressed Madix for an explanation of why she didn’t suspect Sandoval and Leviss were having an affair, and she said, “Well, when he would not come home or he would be out super late, I would ask him, ‘Where were you?'” Where were you? And he’d say things like, “I was at Schwartz’s.” And my response would be, “Really? Please show me your phone. Sure, here you go, he’d say. Therefore, I would check his messages and his phone.

She went on to say that she was just “picking up on” something that was “going on with him mentally,” and that he was “very good at concealing his double life and hiding all the evidence.”

However, Madix said that Sandoval lashed out after she found out about the affair news, despite her denial that he had tried to break up with her beforehand.

“He has been yelling at me ever since I found out. He hurled a beer can at her while they went outside; “he was more worried about people hearing at TomTom than how I felt,” she added. “I think there’s some part of him that’s really loving the attention that this has brought him,” the source said. “And so long as people continue to give him that attention, he will be happy about it.”

Ariana Madix describes Tom Sandoval as 'laughable' and asserts that forgiving him and Raquel Leviss is 'Not Happening'

Madix described his first encounter with Leviss, then 28 years old, as “odd.”

As though she didn’t want to share anything with me, I thought. She said, “I had to beg; I was screaming and crying and throwing up and pleading for something.” “I responded, ‘If you’ve ever given a crap about me, if you’ve ever cared, just as a woman, tell me something. A kiss occurred, but all she would say is that “it was after [the] girls’ trip.”

Madix further referred to Leviss’s move to pursue a restraining order against their costar Scheana Shay as “pathetic.” (After Leviss dropped her restraining order claim that Shay assaulted her after learning of the affair,)

Madix doubted that Leviss and Sandoval were in love when asked about it. She later told Cohen, in response to reports that their romance had fizzled out, that she was confused as to whether or not the rumor-mongers understood what she had said. Four days ago, she was mailing notes to my residence addressed to Sandoval.

Forgiving Leviss or Sandoval, as Madix has also affirmed, is “not happening.”

Madix has stated that she plans to sell the home she shared with Sandoval in the near future and that she and Sandoval “do not interact on any level.”

“We have go-betweens,” she said, describing the present method of communication between the exes. A line from the episode reads, “There is a moment in the episode where I say I wish I didn’t miss him… but then I realize the person that I’m missing isn’t really who he is.”

It has so many tiers. It’s the double life, the manipulation, and the narcissism. She went on to say, “There are so many levels to it,” which is why it has struck a chord with so many people. “Everyone has been there and understands; and for years, they’ve heard my ex yell, “Accountability!”

Madix is also thriving in the dating world because of her new relationship with Daniel Wai. Despite her secrecy, she told Cohen, “I am very happy and very satisfied.” She did not elaborate on her new romantic relationship.

In her own words, “I feel good, definitely feel as though my friends have put me in the best position to heal and grow, and I’m honestly just looking forward — only forward — and not looking back.”

Ariana Madix describes Tom Sandoval as 'laughable' and asserts that forgiving him and Raquel Leviss is 'Not Happening'

After an emotional fight with the Tom Tom bar co-owner, taped after Madix uncovered Sandoval’s secret relationship with Leviss, Madix made an appearance on WWHL after the season 10 finale of the Bravo show.

“I and Raquel became really good friends,” he told Madix.

I don’t give an f— about f—ing Raquel!” she said when he tried to explain things to her. Your friendship is complete and utter nonsense… I deeply regret ever liking you.

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PEOPLE reported in March that Sandoval and Madix had broken up. A source indicated at the time that Madix’s affair with Leviss, which lasted for months, was the “final straw” in their relationship.

“She put up with a lot over the years, but she won’t sit back and be disrespected this way,” the insider continued.

Madix, who released her own message on Instagram on March 16, received public apologies from both Sandoval and Leviss.

She stated, “I want to express my most sincere gratitude for the outpouring of love and support I have received from friends, family, and people I have never even met.” At times when I thought I couldn’t keep my feet on the ground, you all have been there to pick me up and carry me through. It would be an understatement to say that I have not been devastated and broken by this.

Still “reeling from this betrayal on so many levels,” she added, “What doesn’t kill me better run.”

Since then, Madix has been gradually regaining her previous prominence. She recently attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with Lala Kent and Lisa Vanderpump, where she spoke about how her ex’s heartbreaking affair with Leviss has provided her with a significant opportunity for growth.

“[I’ve realized] that I have limitless potential. “I can handle anything,” Madix bragged to Entertainment Tonight.

The tense VPR season 10 reunion airing next week will feature Madix’s second confrontation with Sandoval. Madix said, “I can’t think of two worse people” while referring to Sandoval and Leviss in the preview for the three-part special.

She continued angrily, “Don’t even look at me — you don’t deserve to look at this,” indicating her red dress of vengeance when the co-owner of Schwartz & Sandy turned to confront her.

When they were offstage, Madix told Katie Maloney that she didn’t “see anything good coming for either of those f—ing rats.” Later in the video, Leviss calls himself “super selfish.” Then Madix set her straight, saying, “Selfish does not cover it. Evil, insane, and below human.”

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