Apple has fired a senior manager for leaking corporate information

Apple has fired a senior manager for leaking corporate information

According to the latest news, Apple has fired senior engineering program manager Ashley Gjøvik for allegedly violating the company’s rules against leaking confidential information. For the last few months, Gjøvik has been tweeting openly about allegations of harassment, surveillance, and workplace safety.

Gjøvik said “When I began raising workplace safety concerns in March, and nearly immediately faced retaliation and intimidation, I started preparing myself for something exactly like this to happen. I am disappointed that a company I have loved since I was a little girl would treat their employees this way.”

Gjøvik said her office is in an Apple building located on a superfund site that demands special oversight due to historical waste contamination. She said she faced harassment and bullying from her manager and members of her team. She even raised privacy concerns related to Apple’s policies on how it can search and surveil employees’ work phones.

From August, she was placed on administrative leave in early August, and in the meanwhile, Apple investigated some of these concerns. Earlier today, a member of Apple’s employee relations team reached out to Gjøvik saying the company was looking into a sensitive intellectual property matter and wanted to speak to her within the hour.

Gjøvik said she wanted to keep all communications in writing, and noted she was forwarding the correspondence to the NLRB. The Apple relations representative responded that since she had chosen not to participate in the discussion, they would move forward with the information they had and “given the seriousness of these allegations” suspend her. She was cut short off access to Apple systems. Within a few hours, she received an email saying her employment has been terminated from tomorrow.

Apple spokesperson Josh Rosenstock said: “We are and have always been deeply committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace. We take all concerns seriously and we thoroughly investigate whenever a concern is raised and, out of respect for the privacy of any individuals involved, we do not discuss specific employee matters.”

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