9 Examples of Poor Etiquette on the Golf Course

Golf etiquette is a standard of rules and practices that golf players follow as a courtesy to others. It also makes the game safer and more enjoyable for everybody on the course. If you are someone who is new to the game and are nervous about how to fit in, you’ve come to the right place. Get your golf clubs and attire, throw them in the car, take a trip to the golf course and make sure to avoid doing any of the following:

  • Slow play
  • Sunday Swagger
  • Being dressed inappropriately
  • Throwing clubs
  • Driving the cart on the greens
  • Talking while someone is hitting
  • Not repairing divots
  • Using bad language
  • Cheating
  • Hitting towards someone

Here’s more on the things you should not do while playing golf:

1. Slow Play

Slow play can cause chaos for the entire golf course. While this is a leisurely game that should not be rushed, most courses will have a tee times schedule so both beginner and professional players can plan their day out in the open. Slow play will result in a bottleneck situation and make the game unenjoyable for the players waiting for you to perform a shot.

2. Being Dressed Inappropriately

Part of respecting the rules of golf is being dressed appropriately. Most gold courses won’t even allow players to come in without having a proper outfit. While some clubs will be more permissive than others, denim, for example, will almost never be accepted. An appropriate outfit includes collared t-shirts, knee-length trousers, long socks, and special golf shoes.

3. Throwing Clubs

Golf can be frustrating, especially if you’re not playing your best that day. But throwing your clubs out of anger is extremely dangerous and will not be tolerated on the golf course. It is important to maintain your composure so that the game remains safe and enjoyable for all players.

4. Driving the Cart on the Green

A lot of care goes into maintaining the green. Driving the cart on the green can damage this area and ruin it for everyone. If you do choose to rent a cart on the day, make sure that you park it correctly, without blocking any access or interfering with the play areas.

5. Talking While Someone Is Hitting

Noise can be a huge distraction when a golf player is taking a swing. Golf is a game of concentration, so talking while someone is hitting is considered extremely disrespectful on the course.

6. Not Repairing Divots

When you hit the ball, the club often leaves a divot in the ground. These divots can be hard to see by other golfers and can cause their ball to bounce or roll the wrong way. Not only can it damage the golf course, but it can ruin the game for other players.

7. Using Bad Language

Swearing on the golf course is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. It is important to respect other plays and possible children that are present around you by keeping your language clean and making it a comfortable place for everyone.

8. Cheating

Cheating is one of the quickest ways to get kicked out of the golf course. There are several ways to cheat including taking a mulligan without letting other players know. The scorekeeper can also misrepresent the scores and win that way. It is important to play a clean game and one that is fair to everyone playing.

9. Hitting Towards Someone

Hitting the ball in someone’s direction is extremely dangerous and can cause serious injuries. You have to be patient and wait until the golfers ahead of you are out of sight before taking your turn. Should you accidentally hit the ball towards someone, yell “fore” to alert them to duck.

Bottom Line

There are myriad etiquette guidelines to follow and they can be hard to remember. There are training programs out there to help you learn not only golf etiquette but also tips to improve your technique. You can improve your game with Performance Golf online!