62-Year-Old Man Charged with Trafficking Runaway 14-Year-Old Girl He Met in NYC, and Rape!

62-Year-Old Man Charged with Trafficking Runaway 14-Year-Old Girl He Met in NYC, and Rape!

The adolescent was allegedly raped by Glenn Johnson, 62, in a subway restroom on March 9 and taken to an alleyway the next day where she was subjected to other men’s sexual assaults.

When she came across Johnson, who was listed on a list of irate Manhattan police officers in 2016 for making 158 arrests starting in April 1983, the girl had run away from home and taken the Amtrak to Penn Station.

Marcella Lupski, an assistant district attorney in Manhattan, said during Johnson’s arraignment on Thursday, “He stayed with the child constantly, giving her food and shelter, buying her lingerie, and making her watch pornography.”

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Then Lupski claimed, “He raped her in a subway bathroom.” According to the indictment, Johnson reportedly forced the teen to engage in oral sex with him.

Lupski claimed that Johnson “took her to have sex in an alleyway with different men” on March 10.

According to the prosecution, one of the males paid Johnson to rape the minor.

When an Amtrak police officer saw the youngster on a missing person poster, Lupski claimed that the sicko had brought the girl back to Penn Station and was “walking hand in hand” with her.

Johnson, a level two sex offender already, is said to have fled the scene but was eventually taken into custody.

He entered a not guilty plea to the accusations of first- and second-degree rape and criminal sexual act. If found guilty on the top count, his sentence could be up to 25 years in jail.

Johnson was ordered jailed without bail by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Melissa Jackson.

Liam Rogers Malanaphy, the defense lawyer for Johnson, requested that the judge free his client on the grounds that Johnson has consistently appeared in court in earlier trials.

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“I’ve had the advantage of knowing Mr. Johnson on previous matters… every time we have gone to court he has been waiting for me — including during the pandemic,” the attorney added.

“I am aware that these allegations are grave allegations. Malanaphy continued, “He understands the seriousness of the situation.

To assist reduce minor crimes close to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Midtown South NYPD Inspector Russell Green created a list of “Targeted Ten” people. Johnson was at the top of the list.

Johnson’s arrests stretch more than three decades, dating back to a sealed arrest in April 1983, according to the list that was sent to the district attorney’s office.

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