5 Best Closet Lighting Ideas for 2023

Even with exceptional closet organization and storage, the simple chore of locating a piece of clothes or a jacket may be a huge hassle without enough illumination. The appropriate closet lighting system will highlight your apparel and simplify your life.

As you seek the best lighting for your closet, you must consider which types of light and lighting elements would work best in your area.

The size and form of your closet and whether it is wired for power will decide the ideal lighting for your wardrobe area.Furthermore, regarding installation, the most permanent option for closet lighting is anything that is hardwired into your closet.

This option is normally more costly, but you will not need to replenish batteries or use an outlet to brighten your closet, especially with a LED closet rod. However, if you are renting, several battery-powered or plug-in lights are simple to install yourself.

5 Best Closet Lighting Ideas for 2023

LED Strip Lights

Strip lights are flexible wires or strips of small LED lights that are often adhered to a wall or other surface using a strong adhesive backing. Strip lighting does not need hardwiring; just plug them in and use them.

Because the strip is so tiny, these lights are ideal for illuminating small, dark areas. In addition, many strip lights come with remote controls that enable users to modify the colour and pattern of the lights, offering more diversified lighting for individuals wishing to enliven a closet.

Puck Lights

Typically, you can remove the adhesive strip off the back of a puck light and adhere it to the inside of a closet.

Furthermore, the thin and lightweight fittings can adhere to any surface. Finally, because they are battery-powered, there is no need to place them near an outlet or hardwire them into your electrical system.

Use Natural Light

Possessing a window in your wardrobe is a luxury that allows in a great deal of light. If your closet has a window, use it to your advantage by keeping it free of light-blocking obstructions, such as piled boxes that obscure the light source. If a window treatment is required, keep it light and airy.

Use motion sensor lights

Would you want to reduce your energy consumption? Smart closet lighting options include installing motion sensor lights. When motion is detected within a certain range, the lights connected to the motion sensor will activate automatically.

Active ultrasound and passive infrared (PIR), which employ ultrasonic waves to detect movement, are two typical motion sensors.

PIR uses shifts in infrared radiation, or body heat, to identify moving objects and activate lighting in response. The absence of a light switch makes motion-activated closet lighting a practical option.

LED Closet Rod

A LED closet rod distributes light uniformly throughout its length. A beam spread of 65 degrees provides a great job of lighting not just the shoulder region of the clothes but also the space between each item of clothing, displaying the textural characteristics of the clothing.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for innovative ways to light up your closet space, you can consider some of the options mentioned. However, before you invest in closet lighting, consider your closet space, materials, LED versus Fluorescent lights, aesthetic, and the overall brightness and color temperature.

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