Zunesha is Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037!

Zunesha is Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037!
Zunesha is Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037!

There was a lot of speculation about the identity of this shadowy individual that appeared ahead of the warships of WG. In the latest spoiler, we just discovered that this shadowy figure is Zunesha. Yes, the same Zunesha that was cursed and carrying the entire Zou Island on his back.

One Piece is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and published in Weekly Shonen Jump. In most of its twists, the latest reveal of Zunesha has to be among the top. Over the years, we’ve seen Oda do some crazy stuff with his reveals and foreshadowing.  What could he be planning with this latest plot? Let us find out as we talk about Zunesha being a shadowy figure.

Zunesha is Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037!
Zunesha is Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037!

Who is Zunesha?

We first met with Zunesha in the Zou Island arc. Zunesha is a giant elephant and one of the oldest creatures in the world of One Piece. It is said that Zunesha has been living for many centuries and he could be there in the void century as well. In the modern-day, Zunesha has become a big island that carries Zou Island.

In the Zou arc, we also discovered that someone had put a curse on Zunesha for a crime he committed in the past. Now because of it, he has to walk in circles and he can never stop. He has no command over his body and there seem to be only a few people who can order it around (more on this later).

In any case, this is a big thing because the Government’s warships would find it pretty challenging to deal with a monster of that siS. After all, Zunesha is one of the biggest creatures in the world of One Piece. What is its history? Why has he come here? Did it come out of its own will or has someone commanded it? Let us discover all the possibilities surrounding Zunesha in One Piece.

Zunesha is Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037!
Zunesha is Shadowy Figure in One Piece Chapter 1037!

Zunesha’s Purpose

We know nothing about Zunesha except his uncertain age and his possible association with the void century. It was certain that he was going to play a major role in any of the upcoming events, however, nobody expected that he would come this early into the country of Wano.

Zunesha’s size alone makes him one of the most fearsome creatures in One Piece. If you remember, he singles handily defeated the entire fleet of Jack and almost killed Kaido’s one of the most powerful men Jack in a single strike. If it wasn’t for Jack’s half Fishman characteristic, he would’ve certainly died. For most devil fruit users, their weakness is water and Zunesha can ensure that he drowns his enemy.

As for Zunesha to come here, there are still gloomy clouds. The spoilers haven’t revealed much but we can speculate some expected thing. He has certainly come here to help the alliance and stop WG from putting Wano under their jurisdiction. But the bigger question is whether he has come off his own will or someone has ordered it to do so.

Zunesha’s Controller

After getting the curse, Zunesha was unable to move on his own. He needs to be ordered by someone who could hear the voice of all things. Now, in the series, there are only 4 known people with such ability. They are Roger, Oden, Luffy, and Momonosuke. The first two are dead and the other two are already in the Wano. So who could be ordering Zunesha?

Although it’s not confirmed, we can speculate that only people with Conquerors Haki possess Voice of All Things. Doflamingo and Boa Hancock are out of the equation, Luffy, Yamato, Zoro, and Kid are in the middle of the war. Katakuri is still recovering from his fight against Luffy. Big Mom and Kaido are in a fight.

So who’s left? It’s Sengoku, Shanks and Don Chinjao. Sengoku and Chinjao are highly unlikely candidates, so it only points to Shanks and he could be ordering Zunesha. Also, Shanks had visited Zou in the past but we didn’t get to see him possess Voice of All Things ability.

This could mean that there is another person who has this power. Whether he’s on our heroes side or not is a debate for another time, but one thing is certain, he’s here to help the people of Wano get their liberation. Standing in front of the government only means that this person is aiding the allies. As the story moves forward, we will learn more about him.

Who do you think is controlling Zunesha? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. For more One Piece updates, make sure to follow us on social media. One Piece is a weekly manga series that is available on Viz media and Mangaplus.

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