Zunesha is Joy Boy! Latest One Piece Theory Reveals the Identity of Mysterious Person

Zunesha is Joy Boy!
Zunesha is Joy Boy!

The identity of Joy Boy has been a topic of discussion among One Piece community. Ever since we first learnt about him back in Skypie, he has been mentioned by multiple people in different arcs. Joy Boy is a prominent figure in One Piece that has connection to the treasure of One Piece.

Even when Roger discovered Laugh Take and found One Piece, he said that he wished in the same era as Joy Boy. Through One Piece, he hold an amazingly hilarious story. The latest revelation in the manga has once again ignited the discussion about Joy Boy’s potential identity. And this time around, all fingers are pointing towards Zunesha.

Zunesha is Joy Boy!
Zunesha is Joy Boy!

Why Zunesha is Joy Boy?

Thanks to some fans on Reddit, we’ve discovered some small details that drives us towards speculation that Joy Boy is indeed Zunesha. I know, it sounds absurd at first but the hints we’ve discovered so far can’t be ignored. In One Piece chapter 1037, when Zunesha appeared before the ships of WG, it became pretty evident that he has an interesting personality.

So what makes Zunesha a stronger contender for being Joy Boy? Why latest chapter cements this proposition? Let’s find out.

Zunesha is From the Void Century

As we already know, Joy Boy is probably from void Century. He was part of the rebellious nations that drew their swords against World Government. Even in the various Poneglyphs that we’ve come across, the information in them indicate that Joy Boy was present in the ancient history.

Zunesha on the other hand too is an old beast. You can see from his body that he has been around for centuries. Even people from the country of Zou don’t know the real age of Zunesha. Hence, it is quite evident that he has been here for a long time. As far as we know, Zunesha has been circling around for years because of the curse, but for how long? We don’t know yet.

It is a general belief among the fans of the series that Joy Boy was punished and cursed by the World Government because he also took part in the war against them. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that he was just another warrior in the fight led by Joy Boy. He could very well be Joy Boy himself.

Zunesha is Joy Boy!
Zunesha is Joy Boy!

Giant Strawhat

In the Reverie arc, we met several new personalities and discovered some shocking truth. We learned about Imu who seems to be the boss of Five Elders and the one who sits on the abandoned throne. There was also a shot of Imu in a dark room with a giant Strawhat. Where did that come from?

Strawhat has quite significance in the series. So far, we’ve seen three legendary figures wearing it which includes Roger, Shanks and now Luffy. It is highly possible that Joy Boy too wore it at one point. But it’s too big of a size for a small human. People like Roger, Shanks or Luffy can’t possibly wear it. Hence it only means that first person to wear it was sort of giant.

This leads us to Zunesha’s size and how he is a possible contender for wearing the giant Strawhat. If he was Joy Boy, it is highly possible for him to wear the hat at his time. But still, even if the Strawhat is too big, Zunesha’s size is still big enough for it to not fit him. So what’s the catch here?

Zunesha is Not an Elephant!

Yes, you heard that right. Originally, Joy Boy was a human who ate devil fruit that turned him into Zunesha. Because it was so notorious, the government hid the name of the fruit from public eye after giving curse to Joy Boy. Curse can only be broken by someone with the ability of voice of all things and when it’s in full command.

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