Florentino was reminded of Zidane’s criticism in the open letter


Disheartening news for all Real Madrid fans as Zinedine Zidane leaves an open letter for everyone talking about the ‘Lack of Faith’ on him.

Real Madrid has already announced that Zinedine Zidane will leave the club as Manager. The club has thanked him for the remarkable journey in two different phases.

Zinedine Zidane first took charge in 2016, stayed for 2 and half years until 2018. He left in 2018 and returned back to the club in 2019 during the toughest time of the club and stayed until this season.

“the club no longer has the faith in me I need”

Zinedine Zidane takes a dig on Journalists in his Open letter

Zinedine Zidane wrote an Open letter which Spanish media outlet AS has revealed. He revealed that the sole reason he decided to leave the club.

Zidane felt that the club lacked respect in this season. He felt bad when every Real Madrid loss triggered rumors of him getting sacked.

Zidane also took a massive dig upon the journalists for creating such talks around the club and situation. The baseless rumours disturbed the concentration of the players for which he felt the lack of respect from the fans.

Even the club didn’t take the opportunity to back Zidane publicly, denying any such claim of the rumors. This created doubts among the players and the team managements.

Mission Impossible

Florentino listened to Zidane’s criticisms and even attempted to persuade him to alter his mind and complete the remaining year of his Real Madrid contract.

Zidane had made up his mind long before he arrived at the meeting with Perez, who failed to persuade him during the nearly two-hour discussion last Wednesday afternoon-night in Madrid.

The aim now is to locate a professional who can fast make you forget about the letter and the Frenchman. And, just in case, everyone is on the lookout.

Because the captain, Ramos, might be the next to depart. Sergio, like Zidane, is looking forward to one final chat with Florentino, who will not budge from his stance.

In the open letter, he has thanked President Fiorentino Perez for trusting him as a player and a manager as well. He will remain a ‘Madridista’ for his entire life.