Zedge: What Is Zedge and How Does It Work?


Zedge is a free app that offers a variety of ringtones, live wallpaper, and other features to let you personalize your smartphone.

Android Zedge Wallpapers


Zedge for Android is a convenient app from Google Play that offers wallpaper, live wallpaper, ringtones, games, icons, widgets, and keyboards to personalize your Android smartphone.

When you start the Zedge app after downloading it, you’ll get a menu with the choices listed above.

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Get the Zedge App Going.

Wallpaper can be chosen from the menu. The tabs Featured and Discover is located close to the top. While the Discover option lets you browse by category or color, Featured features curated media.

  • Select a category, such as Sayings, by tapping Discover. Then you can preview or open any of the alternatives by scrolling through that category.
  • Tap the X in The Top-Left Corner to Return to The Previous Screen.
  • Tap the white circle with the download icon in the bottom center of the screen to set something as your background.
  • Select Set Wallpaper. Your wallpaper will be changed by Zedge after it is downloaded automatically.
  • What if you enjoy the picture but aren’t quite ready to make it your wallpaper? You may either hit the heart icon to add it to your favorites list or you can tap Download from the three dots menu in the top right corner.
  • Zedge will add the chosen wallpaper to the Wallpaper folder it creates in your Gallery or Photos.

Android Zedge Ringtones


The process for downloading a Zedge ringtone to your Android phone is comparable.

  • From the list of options, select Ringtones. Once more, you can go through the featured ringtones or use the Discover menu to look through ringtones by category.
  • Select a category by tapping Discover, such as Country. You’ll see a list of ringtones with country music.
  • Tap the play icon to view a preview from this screen (triangle inside the circle). You may load and watch the preview on Zedge. You can hit the love icon to add the ringtone to your favorites and continue exploring if you like it.
  • Tap the song title, then tap the white circle with the download icon, to download the ringtone. This screen also allows you to listen to it.
  • The options to Set Alarm Sound, Set Notification, Set Contact Ringtone, and Set Ringtone will then appear. Select the one you want to tap, and Zedge will handle the rest.
  • Again, hit the three dots in the upper right corner and select Download if you want to download it for use.

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Zedge I Phone Wallpaper

Users of iPhones can download Zedge Wallpapers. The iOS Zedge ringtone app is no longer available. Follow these steps to get Zedge wallpapers to your iPhone.

Install the Zedge app. Featured wallpapers and premium wallpaper previews will appear on the home screen. You’ll see a home symbol, a diamond icon for premium (paid), and a search icon along the bottom of the screen.

To browse by most popular searches, colors, or categories, use the search icon. To view some examples, tap Pets & Animals under categories.

Choose the One You Prefer, Then Tap the Image to Reveal the Complete Preview.


In the bottom center of the screen, tap the white circle that contains the download icon. The photograph will be downloaded by Zedge automatically and placed in the Zedge album in your Photos.

Exit the program and proceed to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper to set the downloaded image as your wallpaper.

Tap Zedge after scrolling down the album list. Select the wallpaper by tapping it, then selecting Still or Perspective > Set.

You can choose between setting the lock screen, the home screen, or both by selecting Set. Choose your preferred choice, then press the home button to leave.

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