Zach Shallcross, a Bachelor, Swears Off Sex During Fantasy Suites but Makes “The Worst Mistake I Could’ve”

As Zach Shallcross preferred to refer to it, “Sex Week” on The Bachelor has officially arrived.

But Zach, age 26, desired it to be “No Sexual Activity Week.” Before meeting finalists Ariel, Gabi, and Kaity in Thailand for Fantasy Suite dates, Zach told host Jesse Palmer he wanted “no sex of any type” to be included.

Zach acknowledged Sean Lowe, a former Bachelor, and mentor, with assisting him in reaching this conclusion.

Zach informed Jesse, age 44, that he followed a similar strategy. “I mean, he just said, “Truly do what you find comfortable and what you believe to be right.” This is the only thing that I find appropriate and comfortable. And [sexuality] might significantly complicate the problem.”

Jesse questioned whether Zach was attracted to the three remaining women, and the account executive confirmed that he was. Zach acknowledged that it would be extremely difficult.

Zach did not believe that having physical contact with three separate women would help him establish a future with one of them. “This is not how I envision a healthy relationship beginning,” he remarked.

In an on-camera interview, he stated that abstaining from sexual activity seemed “right.” He stated, “There is a lot of pent-up energy, but I’m up for the task.”

Ariel’s Fantasy Suite

First, Zach and Ariel, both 28, went to a night market. “Let’s go consume some insects!” he exclaimed.

After sampling local Thai cuisine, they sat down to converse.

Ariel informed Zach, “I am absolutely falling for you and falling in love with you.”

“That is very special to hear you say,” he said. It has great significance because I feel it.

Zach stated, however, that he did not wish to use the L-word just yet. “There’s only one person to love in the end, but I want you to know — and I want to make this perfectly plain — that I see a future with you,” he stated.

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The invitation to the Fantasy Suite was received, and Zach informed Ariel he had something to discuss with her.

This week, in particular, he stated, “sexual activity is off the menu.” “Unavoidably, I sense a bodily connection with you. That is the case, no jest intended. Nonetheless, I believe that loving one person and sharing an intimate moment should be reserved for the moment of engagement.”

Ariel stated that she dislikes planning in advance and thought his strategy sounded doomed to fail.

She told Zach, “I feel like if you set a standard beforehand, such as ‘I’m absolutely not going to sleep with you,’ you probably will.”

In an on-camera interview, the marketing professional admitted to feeling “a little upset” by Zach’s no-sex order. She remarked, “I think it’s crucial to make it sexy, so I absolutely want those physical moments.”

Ariel and Zach nevertheless proceeded to the Fantasy Suite and spent the night together. Ariel told the cameras the following morning, “Today feels light-years ahead of where we were before.”

Zach believed he made the correct choice by abstaining from sexual activity with Ariel. “I know that everything will be worth it in the end,” he remarked.

Gabi’s Fantasy Suite

On his Fantasy Suite date with Gabi, age 25, Zach took her on a pirate-themed boat before they relaxed on the beach. Gabi expressed fear about being the second individual to go on a date that week.

“Sometimes, when you feel so strongly about someone and are so ecstatic, you want to discover anything wrong,” she explained. “So, all that comes to mind is ‘you’re not good enough’ and ‘you’re second’.”

Zach informed Gabi that the sequence of the dates was not intended as a “mind game.”

Yet, Gabi felt the need to step away and consult with a producer. She sobbed, “I feel extremely stupid and silly.”

Zach went to find Gabi and attempted to make amends.

The Vermont native told the cameras, “He placed me right back where I needed to be, which is excited and hopeful for the future.”

During the nighttime portion of their date, Gabi discussed how a former relationship influenced her earlier emotions.

She remarked, “I was cheated on, and although I knew it was occurring, I decided to ignore it.” And I was unaware of my worth and what I deserved in a relationship.

Zach promised, “I always want you to know that you deserve to be number one.”

Gabi was pleased to hear that. She informed Zach, “I am beginning to fall in love with you.”

Before to entering the Fantasy Suite, Zach informed Gabi of his no-sex policy for the week.

She said, “Clearly, sex is vital in a relationship, and you want that aspect as well.” “Did I believe I would become engaged to someone with whom I have never had sex? Most likely not.”

Zach revealed his childhood moniker to Gabi at the Fantasy Suite, where they spent the night together. “My childhood nickname was Mowgli,” Zach disclosed, referring to the character from The Jungle Book.

As a child, he would “go around in my white tights and simply run around the house,” according to his explanation.

The following morning, Gabi told the cameras that this type of pre-engagement led to a “wonderful hug session.” But, Zach informed Jesse that other events transpired.

“We both agreed that we wanted to make sexual contact, and it was a very meaningful moment,” Zach explained. “That was essential, as it was what both of us desired and need for the relationship. Now I feel awful because I have just broken my word.”

Jesse sought to alleviate Zach’s guilt. He stated, “That came from a good place.” Before deciding to say ‘yes,’ intimacy may be extremely important to some of these ladies.

Zach described what he and Gabi did as “an act of love, not lust,” but he felt compelled to inform the other women nonetheless.

Zach assured Gabi that he intended to tell the truth to everyone. “You made me feel so special that I couldn’t go through the rest of the week keeping secrets and saying one thing and doing another,” he stated.

Gabi said, “I did not realize you were so bothered.”

She displayed even more frustration with the cameras. “Everything that was intended to be private between us is no longer private,” she stated. “I do feel like my trust was broken.”

Zach wished to reassure Gabi that he had no regrets regarding their interaction.

“I’m falling for you,” he said to Gabi. You are the type of person who would be fantastic to travel through life with.

Thank you for sharing that and coming to speak with me, Gabi said.

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Kaity’s Fantasy Suite

After going kayaking with 27-year-old Kaity, Zach decided to tell her about his sexual encounter with Gabi.

First, Zach outlined his “parameter” that there would be no “sex and physical closeness” during the week, but he added, “much has changed and evolved.”

Zach told Kaity, “I’ve had a romantic encounter this week.” “It was a logical decision for us to continue our relationship.”

That was not what Kaity wanted to hear. “I knew beforehand that this was a possibility, and it clearly pained me to consider it,” she said.

The ER nurse wept and pondered how she could proceed with her Fantasy Suite date in light of the current circumstances. “It is how you relate to the other women. Maintain it there “Kaity said to Zach.

Zach stated, “I needed to tell you, at least for myself.”

Following a brief separation, Kaity and Zach continued their overnight date. “I believe that we can get through this,” she stated.

Rose Celebration

Zach expressed concern to Jesse that he had irreparably botched Fantasy Suites. He stated that he regretted attempting to manage the situation.

During the rose ceremony, Zach addressed the three remaining women, “It was the biggest error I could have made.” “At moments this week, I felt like a failure. I am truly sorry for having caused grief and for having made mistakes.”

He then proceeded to offer Kaity and Gabi roses while sending Ariel home.

Before Ariel departed, Zach told her, “I’m privileged to know you and to have your heart opened to me.”

Ariel stated, “I could not have done this with anyone else.”

Despite receiving a rose, Gabi felt a “huge A” on her breast.

Gabi stated during an on-camera interview, “It’s a pretty uneasy sensation.” Also, he is solely establishing eye contact with Kaity.

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