Yuji Itadori’s Mom Revealed? Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 143 Sparks Major Discussions!

Yuji Itadori’s Mom Revealed? Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 143 Sparks Major Discussions!
Who Are Itadori Yuji’s Parents? Yuji Itadori’s Mom Revealed?

There’s something unusual about the parents of the main protagonists of shonen, isn’t it? Be it Luffy from One Piece or Naruto, their parents are nothing short of extraordinary. A similar event occurred in the recent chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen – for Yuji Itadori.

However, it was something unexpected. A crazy fan theory from chapter 143 suggests that Yuji’s mother was none other than Brain! Shocking isn’t it? Well, we all were when we turned the page and saw the panel of Yuji’s mother.

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Why This Theory Is Solid?

Who Are Itadori Yuji’s Parents? About Yuji’s father..? The panel from chapter 143 almost confirms that Brain at one point was the mother to the main protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. Remember Noritoshi Kamo and Geto Sugura? They had stitches on their head and both were possessed by Brain. Turns out the mother of Yuji Itadori had similar stitches.

Yuji’s Mother
Itadori Yuji’s Parents

The theory of Brain being the mother of Itadori has been around for a while but this instance just hits the nail. Now that this big reveal is out already, fans are expecting some big changes happening next in the story.

It Explains Yuji’s Superhuman Characteristics

Yuji Itadori wasn’t any ordinary human at all. He had superhuman abilities and was extremely agile. While fans questioned his unusual characteristics, nothing major related to it was ever revealed.

However, now it makes much more sense why Yuji Itadori is like this. He is very fast in learning cursed energy and was super quick to adapt it to application.

Brain experimented in the past. It is quite possible that he used the Itadori lineage to create something extraordinary which resulted in the birth of Yuji. If this is true, it will become one of the biggest twists in the history of modern manga.

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Yuji’s Father

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 143 also revealed the father of Yuji Itadori. His first wife died and his second wife (who we are calling Brain) gave birth to Yuji. At least that’s what fans conclude from current information.

Yuji’s Father
Jujutsu Kaisen Reveals Yuji Itadori’s Parents

From the glimpse of it, Yuji’s father looks quite an ordinary person who loves his son. But you can never tell from the first instance. Also, it seems like he wasn’t aware of Brain possessing his wife. Or maybe he does but chose to ignore it for some reason.

It’s certainly crazy how two-page backstory from manga can spark these many questions and theories. Right now the story seems to be focusing more on culling games but we will possibly get more information on Yuji’s parents.

Real Identity of Yuji’s Mother?

Right now there are two possibilities. One; Kaori, the first wife of Jin herself got possessed by Brain, two; his mother was somebody else who was a strong Sorcerer. From the panel we saw in the latest chapters, fans are leaning more towards the first theory.

Who Are Itadori Yuji’s Parents?
Who Are Itadori Yuji’s Parents?

The timing at which Jin’s wife cut off the conversation between Yuji’s grandpa and father was so precise. He was about to mention something about Kaori but Yuji’s mother stopped him midway. It’s not certain at the moment but it has quite a high possibility of occurring. Kaori could very well be Yuji’s mother who was possessed by Brain.

There are certainly a lot of questions but we are short of any accurate answer right now. Only upcoming chapters can confirm the real identity of this character.

Your thoughts?

What do you think about it Yuji parents? Is Brain the mother of Yuji Itadori? What was his grandfather trying to tell Jin?

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