YouTube has taken a step against Discord music bot

YouTube has taken a step against Discord music bot

According to the latest news, Google owned YouTube has started to crack down on Discord music bots. YouTube has sent a cease and desist to the owners of Groovy Bot, which lets Discord users play music from YouTube videos. It is installed on more than 16 million Discord servers. Google ordered the service to be shut within seven days. It seems Groovy has agreed to oblige by shutting down its bot on 30th August.

A YouTube spokesperson said, “We notified Groovy about violations of our Terms of Service, including modifying the service and using it for commercial purposes.” He meant Google APIs are for developers who comply with its terms of service.

Groovy Bot allows social listening parties on Discord by largely using audio from YouTube videos. It has become hugely popular over the past five years. It is estimated that it has more than 250 million users. However, in the end, it caught Google and YouTube’s attention as a red flag.

Groovy Bot supports Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and other services but almost “98 percent of the tracks played on Groovy were from YouTube”.

Note that Groovy Bot shutting down comes just weeks after several YouTube video downloading sites have disappeared randomly. Moreover, the removal of this bot also leaves a giant hole in Discord’s bot offerings. A Discord spokesperson said “We take the rights of others seriously and require developers who create bots for Discord to do the same. If a bot running on Discord violates someone else’s rights, that third party or Discord may take action.”

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