YouTube mobile app gets new video quality settings

YouTube mobile app gets new video quality settings
YouTube mobile app gets new video quality settings

Google rolled out a new update for the YouTube mobile app, that allows users to change the quality of streaming. On the YouTube mobile app, three new options can be found – higher picture quality, data saver, or advanced.

Until now on the YouTube app, only resolutions of the video can be changed. Now, with this update we get. more options. By clicking the gear icon in the YouTube app there will be four options. The first, which we already know, is the “Automatic” mode. Auto mode will take care of changing the quality of the video depending on the signal strength.

YouTube tweaks video quality setting on its mobile app

The second option would be, “High Picture Quality”. As the name suggests, this mode will consume more data. By clicking on it, connected in 4G, we ended up with 720p or 1080p.

For people who want to save their mobile data usage, the third option – Data Saver. This mode seems good while offering better image quality. But by selecting it, we ended up with 360p, certainly, but also 1080p on another attempt.

Finally, for those who would like a precise quality, it is always possible to choose the fourth option, which allows choosing a quality that goes from 144p to 2160p (4K HDR).

This new update already rolled out, if you don’t see these new video settings, then you may need to update your YouTube app.

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