Young Rock Season 2 to return at NBC

Young Rock Season 2 Renewed for 2021-22 on NBC
Young Rock Season 2 Renewed for 2021-22 on NBC

A comedy sitcom Young Rock that started its first season in February recently will be returning with the second season of the show. Created by Nahnatchka Khan and Jeff Chiang, the series revolves around Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and different phases of his life.

From his childhood to his becoming a renowned wrestler, Young Rock tells the behind the scene story of this charismatic superstar. With 10 episodes in for the first season, season 2 will resume the life portrayal of Dwayne Johnson.

Young Rock to Return for Season 2 At NBC
Young Rock Season 2

Young Rock Season 2 Release Date

We have just recently discovered the news regarding the announcement of season 2 and there’s no official date of release out yet. Considering that it’s still ongoing and covid situations, we can expect the release to be in late 2021 or early 2022.

Speculations suggest that with season 2 we will further delve into the mature phase of life of Dwayne Johnson. We will also likely discover his transition into a professional wrestler and how he became a huge name in WWE.

Young Rock Season 2 Cast

Dwayne Johnson, Joseph Lee Anderson, Stacey Leuila, and Ana Tuisila can reprise their current roles for the upcoming release. Furthermore, we can see Nahnatchka and Jeff continue directing the show. While there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding cast or crew, general speculation suggests that most of it will remain the same.

With more updates, we will get a better picture of how the cast for season 2 will look like.

Young Rock to Return for Season 2 At NBC
Dwayne in Different Timelines

Story of Young Rock

Young Rock is a story of Dwayne Johnson from every stage of his life. It’s a narration of sorts where Dwayne gets a flashback of a certain period in his life and tells viewers what happened in that timeframe. The plot of the show sees Dwayne Johnson running for president of the USA in the year 2032.

In every episode, we see his interviews where people ask him questions. When asked we get a flashback of him thinking about that particular period.

From season one we’ve seen his flashback as a ten-year-old kid, a high school student, and a college student. These three periods of his life are portrayed by Adrian Groulx, Bradley Constant, and Uli Latukefu respectively. The second season can bring the story of his wrestler phase and show his struggles and challenges he faced in his path.

Can Season 2 Show Dwayne Run for President?

A huge part of Johnson’s life which is wrestling is still yet to be covered. So it’s not possible that we will get to see him in his election venture for the upcoming season.

Young Rock’s season 2 could solely focus on his journey in WWE and maybe some part of his Hollywood career. If we could speculate, Dwayne will most likely run for election in Young Rock’s season 3 or 4.

Young Rock to Return for Season 2 At NBC
Dwayne as a Wrestler

Expectations from Season 2

Fans are highly excited to see the most electrifying part of Johnson’s life which is his wrestling career. His time at the WWE was godly and it was the stage that turned him into a superstar. We expect that season 2 will see us through his journey of becoming a professional wrestler and finding a break in Hollywood.

What do you expect from season 2? Which phase of Dwayne’s life will it cover? Comment down below and let us know what you think. Also, make sure to check out our social media channels and get updates on all upcoming releases of TV shows.

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