Young Buck Alludes To 50 Cent Being A Snitch

Young Buck Alludes To 50 Cent Becoming a Snitch

Young Buck could be facing several legal issues after his current domestic violence arrest — although the rapper nonetheless had any words for former supervisor, 50 Cent.

Everything began when 50 made remarks on the web about Buck’s girlfriend, Lucrecia Neil, shooting him before this month.

Fif brought up this, once more, when Buck’s girlfriend had been detained. “better stop playing them boys, even on Ig Buck she need YOUR pass phrase. LOL,” he also wrote.

Buck captured end and reacted:

“Someone tell this bitch ass nigga 50cent End Dat Bowl of #FruitSteroids and wrapping ya Monthly Police Report upward…. C.I #ConfidentialInformant Face Ass… CURTIS…it is me BUCK….don’t forget that I Know U….and I Have Not Got Started However,” he continued.

Both guys have been moving back and forth for decades, together with 50 making crude jokes about Buck’s novelty later he had been accused of having an affair with a female.

Buck refused the allegations.

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