You Season 4 Release Date Confirmed, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything You Need to Know

you season 4 release date

Season 4 of You is officially on its way to Netflix – the blockbuster series was renewed last year before season 3 even aired, meaning Joe will be back on our screens soon. Filming is currently underway, and we’ve got the scoop on verified filming locations and what it means for the plot, as well as a refresher of how Season 3 ended to refresh your memory.

You may also learn more about the new season’s cast, including which known characters are returning as well as who is new to the group. In addition, we’ve done our best to estimate when the film will be released and when a trailer will be released. So, without further ado, read on to learn everything we know about You season 4 thus far. Season 3 spoilers are coming your way.

When Will You Season 4 Be Released on Netflix?

you season 4 release date

Season four filming began on March 22, 2022, in London.

A clapperboard from the set with the date on it was released by the Netflix team. The board was naturally oozing with blood… after all, this is Joe we’re talking about.

We also know they’re filming in Paris because that’s where we last saw him at the end of season three.

You season 4 filming began in March 2022 and is anticipated to end in July. Season 3 premiered in October 2021, with filming concluding in April — assuming the same schedule is followed for season 4, we may predict a February 2023 premiere.

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Who will be on the fourth season’s cast?

  • Joe Goldberg is played by Penn Badgley.
  • Marianne Bellamy is played by Tati Gabrielle.
  • Adam is played by Lukas Gage.
  • Lady Phoebe is played by Charlotte Ritchie, who plays Kate Tilly Keeper.
  • Nadia is played by Amy Leigh Hickman.
  • Rhys is played by Ed Speleers.
  • Edward (Brad Alexander) and Sophie (Niccy Lin)
  • Simon is played by Aidan Cheng.
  • Malcolm is played by Stephen Hagan.
  • Roald Dahl as Ben Wiggins
  • Ozioma When as Blessing Eve Austin as Gemma
  • Connie is played by Dario Coates.
  • Vic is played by Sean Pertwee.

you season 4 release date

Penn Badgely will, of course, reprise his role as Joe Goldberg… or whatever name he goes by these days.

Joe rebranded himself as the quintessential stay-at-home dad with devoted chef wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) during season three… until his obsessive and killer tendencies took over once more.

Something tells us Victoria will not be returning to the cast after being burned alive inside their suburban home at the end of season three… However, the ghosts of Joe’s past relationships do return to haunt him from time to time, even if just in his imagination.

“They’ve had their arc,” Badgley said, explaining why he thinks it was the proper decision to end that aspect of the story. We’d been to a lot of places and saw a lot of highs and lows, and it felt like it was finally time.

“It feels like a huge end to the chapters we’ve known about Joe.” I believe there will have to be some substantial, fundamental changes in the way Joe’s entire equipment continues to function. Because we’ve now witnessed him go through so much. Maybe there’s a pre-Love and post-Love in terms of the program and its tone because I’m not sure how much can be repeated.”

Tati Gabrielle could be returning as Marianne, Joe’s next central “you.” She escaped to Paris after falling for him while working at the library together. He’s now on his way to retrieve her and her daughter. Despite the fact that his death was well-publicized. We don’t think this will end nicely.

Season 4’s plot

you season 4 release date

Season one is based on Caroline Kepnes’ novel You, season two is based on Hidden Bodies, and season three is partially based on You Love Me, which was released in April 2021. Kepnes has said that she is working on a fourth novel, although it is unclear how much of it will be used as the basis for the next season of You, or whether the book or the series will arrive first.

Regardless, the new series begins with Joe Goldberg pursuing Marienne Bellamy in Europe. The two will eventually meet again, but it appears that Joe will soon become involved with a new group of wealthy and privileged persons.

One person appears to become extremely important to Joe: art gallery director Kate.

Kate, on the other hand, does not appear to be a gullible victim for Joe, and she may soon piece together the truth about him.

Is Joe about to get the short end of the stick?

you season 4 release date

If you’ve finished season three (and if you haven’t, stop reading now because there are spoilers ahead), you’ll know that Joe faked his own death (by chopping off two of his own toes! ), left his baby Henry in the care of couple Dante and Lansing, and framed Love for all of their crimes before killing her with aconite and setting their house on fire.

Love’s stunning death, on the other hand, came as no surprise to Victoria Pedretti, who told TVLine that she knew the season would not end well for her character. “I knew [Love] would die at the conclusion of this season from the beginning. I knew I wouldn’t be on the program for another two seasons, so I figured she’d die.”

Love is unlikely to be alive (though everything is conceivable in the universe of You), but she (and Victoria Pedretti, who plays her) could return to haunt Joe in his memory, just as Beck did in season two.

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Is there a trailer for You Season 4?

There isn’t a full trailer for You Season 4 yet, but there is a sneak peek. With “4 you” and “You 4,” the ad plays on Joe’s “for you” rambles to prior loves Beck and Love (as well as nemeses like Peach) before You Season 3 hits Netflix.