You Season 3 Just Added 2 New Twist Members

You Season 3 Just Added 2 New Cast Members

Season 3 of You’re shaping up. 

Netflix only announced two new cast members are added into the murder play, one on both sides of TV’s most frightening relationship. 

Shalita Grant can perform Sherry,”that a’Mom-fluencer’ who looks down to ground, but is really a mean woman who just wants to welcome Love [Victoria Pedretti] to her social group ” 

Travis Van Winkle performs”the rich Cary, who educates Joe [Penn Badgley] to his inner circle.” 

Thus lots of circles happening here! 

Not a great deal is known only yet about year three of this Netflix struck, but we could make some guesses based on the unexpected manner that year two finished last December, together with Joe and Love settling in a small home while they waited to get their kid to be born. Obviously that small home was right next door to the house of a gorgeous sunbathing lady who appeared to shoot Joe’s attention from your mother of his son, but who is surprised ? Surely not us. 

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