YFN Lucci: I Made A Method For All Y’All of New Lil Rappers!!

YFN Lucci: I Made A Way For All Y'all New Lil Rappers!!

YFN Lucci was believing himself Tuesday and came with a message targeted in the rap game.

“I left a method for most yal fresh lil rappers,” he wrote through his Instagram Story. “do not ever become sh*t perplexed and I will f*ck a few sh*t up fast.”

It is unclear that the remarks have been directed at.

Lucci divide with Reginae before, after his antics in the now-infamous pineapple celebration.

“I do not care how old I get or how young I am, I won’t ever permit no person to post a woman shaking they buttocks. I do not care if she is shaking it to a songs. It is a thing. Perhaps that is simply not me. Perhaps that is not my audience. I, however, will not be cool without a guy visiting no party free of hecka nude girls shoving cucumbers everywhere,” Reginae explained, after the separation.

She continued,”I’d not date a rapper back again. I learned my lesson”

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