Yailin Is Rushed to The Hospital Following Her Divorce from Anuel AA!

Yailin Is Rushed to The Hospital Following Her Divorce from Anuel AA!

Anuel AA’s announcement of his divorce from Yailin was one of the most recent pieces of information regarding the media couple. This singer’s declaration was anticipated because there have been whispers about their breakup for weeks.

According to “Terra” media reports, the influencer’s health suffered as a result of this circumstance, and she was hospitalized as an emergency.

Currently pregnant, Yailin is due to give birth to Cattleya, the next child of the Puerto Rican singer from her brief marriage, within the next few days.

Anuel AA shared a video on social media announcing his separation from Yailin. The pair chose to stop their relationship, which they only formally did in July 2022, even though they were expecting their first child together. The Puerto Rican withheld the details of their breakup.

Hospitalization of Yailin

Yailin Is Rushed to The Hospital Following Her Divorce from Anuel AA!

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Yailin made the decision to turn down comments on her Instagram profile shortly after Anuel AA made their divorce public. Subsequently, the account “elrealimperiodecasamira 2” reported that the influencer had been sent to the hospital due to an emergency.

Anuel AA has received heavy criticism on social media for allegedly “abandoning” the mother of his unborn daughter in the final stages of pregnancy. The singer’s major defense is that he put his ex-wife at risk of harassment because of his comments made in the wee hours of the morning.

News of a potential relationship outside of marriage with Melissa Vallecilla, a young Colombian woman who claims her daughter is from Anuel AA, has also surfaced recently. The singer has repeatedly refuted this accusation.

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