Xiaomi’s ‘MIX’ trademark rejected in favour of Meizu MIX in China

Xiaomi’s ‘MIX’ trademark rejected in favour of Meizu MIX in China
Xiaomi’s ‘MIX’ trademark rejected in favour of Meizu MIX in China

A few days back, the State Intellectual Property Office of China announced that Beijing Intellectual Property Court has rejected the litigation request of Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. Xiaomi applied for a “MIX” trademark but it was not granted the same because of clashes with an existing trademark from a different company.

MyDrivers reported that Xiaomi had filed a trademark application for “MIX” with a trademark number 29673851. According to the MyDrivers, Xiaomi specially designed MIX for gadgets like ‘computers; pedometers; mobile phones; sensors, etc.’

Xiaomi’s ‘MIX’ trademark rejected in favor of Meizu MIX in China
Xiaomi ‘MIX’ trademark rejected

As per Beijing Intellectual Property Court’s judgment, the trademark is disputed as it is related to an existing trademark registered by another smartphone brand, Meizu. Xiaomi’s trademark resembles that of the Meizu MIX trademark. Apart from this, the court also pointed out that the trademark is it is also used by many other companies too.

It seems the primary reason for the rejection of the litigation request was due to the nature of the products with “MIX” as a term in it. Both Meizu and Xiaomi have used the same term on similar products.

However, it should be noted that Xiaomi introduced its Mi MIX smartphone in October 2016 but Meizu launched Meizu MIX almost two months prior. Perhaps the only difference is, Meizu launched a smartwatch while Xiaomi launched a smartphone.

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