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WWE Raw Results 16 Nov Florida: Title change, Wyatt match, Women tag team championship

ORLANDO Florida – The Women’s Champion strikes an excellent running dropkick, however, Nia Jax divides the pinfall. Brooke then jumps on the rear of Nia, but she dumps Dana into the exterior, meanwhile, back into the ring Asuka claws a huge kick to the head of Shayna. He is grateful to loved ones and friends he can lean on, he is thankful to the lovers, as well as the Thunderdome bringing us nearer together.

In addition, he says he’s grateful to the doubters and states that is when you need to work harder. But, Nia once more attempts to get involved, but Asuka rips her off. Shayna locks at the Kirafuda Clutch however Lana subsequently tags herself, forcing the entry break. She subsequently claws Asuka with a fantastic kick to the face, but her spouses subsequently distract her by contending in her that makes it possible for the winner to reverse items together with the Asuka Lock to find the win.

It’s set for a blockbuster episode also, using Randy Orton protecting his WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre.

In addition to the Raw Tag Team Titles are also online. He says it is a Thanksgiving tradition, and he says he has grown up with all the WWE Universe, therefore he is likely to tell us exactly what he is thankful for.

However, he’s still here after all that since he’s the best wrestler ever and he’ll prove that if he walks from here the WWE Champion. McIntyre says it finishes tonight, now he will not be pumped off the Hell in a Cell, however, his foot will come crashing through Orton’s mind and tonight he’ll eventually become WWE Champion.

Miz states that the WWE Championship could alter hands, and it’s apparent he palms holding it in the conclusion of tonight will be…his. She subsequently dumps Dana from the ring and labels Nia Jax, who flatters Mandy Rose about the exterior. Nia makes the decision to hold Mandy’s arm onto the steel staircase and Baszler comes around and stomps upon it, including additional problems into a region that’s already recorded up.

Lana tries to begin this game however, Shayna Baszler instantly tags herself. Dana Brooke attempts to attack her early but Baszler strikes an advanced backbreaker and claws a knee attack as Shayna strikes Asuka from the corner. Back in the ring, Baszler attempts to stomp down Brooke’s arm but she can prevent it and pull into the turnbuckles. Asuka then tags dumps out Jax on the apron using a hip strike as she chooses the assault to Shayna from the corner.

Lana is shown with the Women’s Tag Team Championships and states she asked to staff with them and she did to demonstrate that her becoming into Team Raw was not only a fluke. Shayna Baszler subsequently says this is not about her, it is about them demonstrating they run this branch. Nia Jax then warns her says she should not label into this game at any stage. The Miz states that is what cost him his name, as he gave name match after name game. Then he says if Drew wins or loses, he’ll be the one laughing all of the ways to the lender.

He says he’s grateful for being a 14-time WWE World Champion, but he is also thankful for its nice he was handed now for placing his hands on Adam Pearce along with the fact it does not phase him. Orton says he’s been fined increasingly suspended over everybody else on the roster. But Randy Orton seems on the titantron and that he states he guessed he would chime in and say exactly what he is thankful for.

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