Wrath of Man ending explained – Did Patrick Kill Jan?

Wrath of Man ending explained
Wrath of Man ending explained

Directed by Guy Ritchie, Wrath of Man is a story of Patrick’s revenge for the daunting loss of his dear son. Divided into four convoluting timelines taking place in random times, Wrath of Man’s plot revolves around Patrick as he tries to unveil the identity of a robber who put end to his son Dougie’s life. We, of course, don’t find out about it right away, but the movie does give us a knack that Patrick aka ‘H’ is a mystery man.

After brutally getting injured, Patrick did achieve his ultimate revenge. The final moments of the movie threw some nasty curveballs. So if you’ve missed out on any of the plot threads, we’ve got you covered. Here is Wrath of Man ending explained.

Wrath of Man ending explained

Why Did Patrick Join Fortico?

At the beginning of the movie, we are introduced to a robbery taking place on an armored truck. In the robbery, three people die which includes one civilian as well. A few months later we get to see Patrick who wants to get this job at the same company that suffered robbery.

We don’t directly find out his true intentions. However, as the movie curtails some important reveals, Patrick’s motives become more clear. He’s not an ordinary person, instead, he has come here for a mission.

Who Killed Dougie?

Dougie was the civilian who died in the first robbery. Patrick was on the mission to locate and eliminate these robbers to complete his revenge. The audience finds out the real identity of the killer in the third part of the movie. It was the group from the former military platoon led by Jackson. They were planning another robbery and a bigger one at the same company again. Among the group, there was a member by the name of Jan who shot Dougie.

Patrick’s Past

The second part of the movie reveals some information about Patrick. In a mission to sight the robbers, he got engulfed in the fire. Even though he also received some bullet wounds, it was his son Dougie who died. The whole debacle began after that robbery took place. Even Jan only shot Dougie because he saw his face. After swiftly introducing this mysterious man in the first half, we learn the truth about Patrick in the second portion of the story.

Wrath of Man ending explained – Did Patrick Kill Jan?

Wrath of Man ending explained – Did Patrick Kill Jan?

In the last moments of the movie, Patrick found that Bullet was part of the robber’s group. Bullet was the one who trained Patrick and apparently, he was an insider who was associated with the robbers. But it was too late for Patrick to find out as their big robbery had already commenced. However, the plan doesn’t go as expected.

The chaos breaks out and with Jan’s betrayal, things take a nasty turn. Except for Jan and Patrick, everyone is dead. Jan rejoices as he gets to receive all of the money however to his surprise, Patrick is waiting for him at home. He shoots him in the same places where he shot Dougie and achieves his goal.

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