Wow! Ben Affleck Debuts New Appearance in Charity Video using Matt Damon

Wow! Ben Affleck Debuts New Look in Charity Video with Matt Damon

Ben Affleck seems a little different Nowadays!

Affleck seems in a brand new Omaze fundraiser movie alongside buddy Matt Damon, and everybody is speaking about his clean-shaven appearance.

Not only is it Ben sans beard, but he also appears super healthy at a form-fitting T-shirt.

The movie is well worth a look since he takes jabs in Matt’s functionality, telling him things like,”You have ta spice this up. You have ta make it attractive. Like now, nobody wishes to have dinner with this man. Let us do another take and also, for example, sell itpush it”

On the other shoot, Affleck informs Damon,”Dude…do not be bizarre… aliens do not act as [that]. You’ve got to be authentic.”

Ben after declares,”Tell them something they are curious [in]…’Hey, come watch Jason Bourne or even Batman.'”

Damon inquires,”Robert Pattinson is forthcoming?” Referring to this new film”The Batman.” Affleck shot ,”No, Jeremy Renner is there, however.”

When Matt clarifies that Jeremy did not really play Jason Bourne, but rather expanded the Bourne world, Ben responded,”He accentuated .” Matt hit ,”Robert Pattinson chose your task.”

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Fans may venture to Omaze.com to go back to win dinner with the group. The design supports both the Eastern Congo Initiative and also Water.org.

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