World’s best whiskey cost $18, Queen Margot blended Scotch whiskey

World's best scotch whiskey

Queen Margot blended Scotch whiskey

An eight-year blended Scotch whiskey; Queen Margot costing £13.49 at Lidl took home the title for “Best Scotch Whisky” at the world’s whiskeys award. Judged by a panel of more than 40 international expert’s sampled whiskeys for the competition, the gathering was held in December, January and February in cities including Tel Aviv, Melbourne, and Edinburgh to blind sample whiskeys from all over the world.

The world whiskeys award is an annual event for “best in all internationally recognized styles of drinks”. It is presented by, an online platform for professionals within the liquor industry.

Queen Margot beat out some of the serious competitors from the industry such as Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky, which retails around £22.

Lidl whiskey

The Lidl Queen Margot Blend Scotch uses traditional production methods which include malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation, and maturation. Forgiving Queen Margot taste of “rich sweetness”, a “warm, lingering finish” and dried apricot and plum it is mellowed for 8 years in oak casks which provide it with the smooth texture and a warm finish.

Lidl also has been awarded own brand Gin Supermarket of the year at Gin Magazine’s icons of Gin awards last week, with Aldi picking up a string of accolades of late. Aldi’s Further, Aldi’s Creme de Cassis £6.99 also picked up an award for one of the best spirits in the world, and it’s Highland Black Scotch Whisky £12.99 also has a string of accolade.

Lidl also won supermarket Own Branded Spirits Range of the year at International Spirits challenge awards last year, beating competitors like Marks and Spencer, and Waitrose.

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