World Literature: Anime, Manga, Comics Read by Students

World Literature: Anime, Manga, Comics Read by Students
World Literature: Anime, Manga, Comics Read by Students

World literature is such a vast place to start your reading journey. There are so many book genres to choose from. And for sure you will find some that fit your personality and reading goals and wishes. But we can’t stop noticing how Japanese literature has taken over the world. More and more people from all over the globe start reading books written by Japanese authors. 

But they also go to something characteristic of Japan: anime, manga, and comics. Many youngsters are looking for the best mangas to read, while others are still trying to decide the winner in the battle of comic vs manga. So, which are the most popular choices of students when it comes to Japanese literature? Here they are!

World Literature: Anime, Manga, Comics Read by Students
World Literature: Anime, Manga, Comics Read by Students

The Promised Neverland 

This is one of the most popular manga out there. The story is really nice and intriguing, so it’s suitable both for children and adults. So, what happens in the promised neverland? There is an orphanage with children, surrounded by a wall. Children think that behind that wall is a land of beautiful things, parents that love them, and friends. But it turns out the land behind the wall is worse than children have even imagined. There is a land of cyborgs who are eating children and the main three characters discover this thing and act on it. Read The Promised Neverland to find out how this incredible manga story ends. 

All manga and anime present incredible plots and stories. The characters, the effects, and the story, all are incredible. However, many students feel the pressure of having a lot of essays to write and little time to watch anime or read the manga. Essays on literature are among the most popular tasks they get during high school or college. You can get the help of GradeFixer’s experts and complete your essay on “The Yellow Wallpaper”. Like this, you will have more time available to watch your favorite anime. 

Battle Angel Alita 

If you are more into cyberpunk manga style, then you should know that this manga is one of the best ones out there. And it has a lot of cyberpunk elements you will surely love. Battle Angel Alita is about a doctor who suffers the loss of his daughter. So, he manages to revive a cyborg girl. Slowly, she is remembering her goal and why she landed on that planet. And everything becomes more and more interesting. 

The Count of Monte Cristo 

For those students who want to read manga with a different story than the traditional ones, you could choose this one. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the most impressive ones you will come across. If you are not familiar with the story, here’s some info. The count of Monte Cristo is a man who ends up in a prison for 14 years. Then, with the help of another prisoner, finds a treasure and, of course, plans his revenge. A lot of things happen along the way and this manga will shed more light on the idea of revenge. 

Demon Slayer 

Last but not least, Demon Slayer is one of the manga that gained a lot of momentum in North America and other parts of the world. The original story was written in comics or manga form. However, later they adapted the manga and turned it into anime. 

Some students like watching anime more than reading manga, while others have opposite pleasures. No matter which one you will choose, you should know that the anime is true to the manga. It is often the case when books are made into films or manga into anime. 

And in most cases, the film or the anime is a little bit different, with parts missing and others being added. The vibe in this anime or manga is a little bit darker than the previous ones. But it is nevertheless one of the most popular choices of students. 

Final Thoughts 

Literature is developing constantly and new book genres emerge. Many would not consider reading manga as literature, but this is wrong. You can learn something new from every article, book, comic, or manga you read. These are one of the first choices for students, but the options you have are diverse. A lot of titles are waiting for you to discover them.