World Health Day 2020: HERE’s how you can track your body temperature during Covid 19 pandemic

World Health Day 2020: With the coronavirus pandemic spreading like wildfire, one common symptom of this pandemic is fever. And here are some tips to track your body temperature during this pandemic.

Coronavirus, which is declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is spreading like wildfire across the globe. This pandemic has affected over 200 countries so far. The registered positive cases stand at 13,46,299, while the death toll stands at 74,679. Majorly affected countries are the U.S, Italy, Spain, Germany and China. Meanwhile, the cases in India are also rising. And when it comes to the symptoms of covid-19, one of the most significant symptoms of this infection includes fever, dry cough and breathlessness. While the testing is done in full force across the globe, there are still a few cases that are going undetected.


As per the research, in most of the cases, people have mild symptoms, however, as per the doctor’s advice, they need to measure their temperature at least twice a day and monitor it to determine if it’s getting better or worse. And today on the occasion of World Health Day, here are some tips that one can follow while monitoring the body temperature at home. These tips will help you keep a check on your body temperature.

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Here are some tips to track your body temperature during covid 19 pandemics.


Temperature changes:



When it comes to body temperature, we tend to believe that the normal temperature of the body is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit; however, as per research, the normal body temperature is a bit lower at 97.9-degree Fahrenheit. The body temperature also varies from person to person; it depends on body weight, height and other factors. However, to understand if you have a fever or not, remember that the thermometer reading should be 100.5-degree Fahrenheit or more.


Time matters:



Some people wake up with fever, while others don’t wake up with but develop one during the day. As per research, the time between 4 pm to 9 pm is the time when most fevers reach their peak. Therefore, if you are measuring the temperature twice a day, one of them should be during this time. Not only this but measuring the temperature at one set time daily will help you assess fluctuations if there are any.

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Equipment to be used:



When it comes to measuring the body temperature, a simple medical thermometer- digital or mercury one is enough to measure the body temperature. You don’t need any other fancy equipment for it. When it comes to fancy or high-end temperature checking devices, they are usually used in high traffic areas like airports and thus provide no special advantage when being used at home. Another key point to remember is that you must sanitise the thermometer thoroughly after using it and make sure that every family member has their own set of a thermometer. It is not advisable to share yours with anyone else in the family.


Other signs that you must notice:



The thermometer is the most accurate way to tell if you have a fever or not. However, apart from this, there are some other signs that also indicate our body temperature. Alternating chills, sweats and body ache are common signs of a fever. When it comes to fever, monitor it for a few days, and if there are no improvements, then it is advisable to see the nearest doctor. In the meanwhile, you must isolate yourself from your loved ones to save them from being potentially infected with the virus as well.

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