Woman Punched by Police Officer Throughout Rally at Minsk Region

Woman Punched by Police Officer During Rally in Minsk Region

A girl was hit by a police officer during an”March of Heroes” rally outside a shopping mall at Zhodino, a town in Belarus’s Minsk Region, on September 13, according to reports. This clip in indicates a girl coming a police officer when holding a cell phone before her. The officer then strikes her and she drops to the floor. Belarus’s Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a statement about the episode via Telegram, stating that the incident happened after a bunch of people surrounded visitors inspectors beyond the shopping mall along with authorities tried to disperse them. “Suddenly a girl emerged from the audience and hurried to the police officer. Approaching, she aggressively pointed out the camera of this telephone to the policeman’s face. Dependent on the circumstance, he indicated a [punch] will accompany. The instant reaction was that the use of bodily force for self sustaining and detention,” the announcement said. Charge: through Storyful