Willy’s Wonderland teaser locate Nicolas Cage combating demonic animatronics

Nicolas Cage could turn virtually anything into a unique stone, and recent decades have seen the celebrity bringing his own brand of mad to a couple of movies that wound up becoming more entertaining than they ever had any right to be. An all-too-brief teaser trailer has fallen to get WILLY’S WONDERLAND, and it is 15 minutes of greatness. Test it out over and also keep your fingers crossed that we will be receiving a longer preview until too long.

WILLY’S WONDERLAND finds out Nicolas Cage starring as a silent drifter who’s duped into carrying a janitorial job in the today condemned Willy’s Wonderland, however his mundane task unexpectedly becomes a all-out-fight for survival against wave after wave of female animatronics. While talking with Entertainment Weekly, manager Kevin Lewis stated that WILLY’S WONDERLAND has been”an entertaining, wacky, insane rollercoaster trip film. Willy’s Wonderland resembles a retro-throwback into the’80s. I climbed up together with Sam Raimi and Evil Dead and all those types of pleasure’80s terror and action horror movies. This was created — and I really mean that — this was created by means of a fanboy for all of the fanboys and -women. A producer friend of mine, Jeremy Davis, attracted me the undertaking, and we fell in love with this. We labored on itwe have Nic attached, so he actually fell in love with this undertaking, and watched our vision about itand we all got it all going. Nic’s really been a wonderful partner with this film. It is classic Nic. He brings a lot to this film. I believe folks are going to actually dig it” Lewis added they shot the movie in Atlanta in the beginning of the season and could wrap only weeks prior to the COVID-19 pandemic closed down everything. In addition, it is likely that we have not seen the last of demonic animatronics since Lewis teased that”if the film gods pick it, I believe there is many more experiences to Willy and his group.”

WILLY’S WONDERLAND is expected to release in 2021.

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