One Piece Chapter 1036: Will Zoro Defeat King?

Will Zoro Defeat King In One Piece Chapter 1036?
Will Zoro Defeat King In One Piece Chapter 1036?

One Piece’s Wano Kuni arc is in its last stages with the fights between the commanders coming to an end. First, it was Sanji who blasted out Queen out of the Onigashima. Next, it was Zoro who slashed one of the wings of King. Though, we are not sure if he’s truly defeated.

All of the commanders of an emperor are hyped to be strong. So it would be too easy for them to get defeated this early. There’s some gas left in the tank in these men. Let’s discuss if Zoro is capable of defeating King in One Piece chapter 1036 manga.

One Piece Chapter 1036

Will Zoro Defeat King?

From the current battle, it looks like Zoro is on the verge of victory. Previously, it was Sanji who defeated Queen and now it will be most likely Zoro’s moment to shine. However, there’s a catch here since King is different from the rest.

King as we know is from the Lunarian race, one of the rarest races in the world that faced extinction after the World Government’s assault. So it won’t make sense for King to get defeated that easily.

He was strong enough for Kaido to consider him his right-hand man. Earlier, Queen too praised him for his strength. Even though one of his wings is sliced now, it doesn’t make much difference for him, he may return soon and deal damage to Zoro.

Awakening of Zoan

Many fans are saying that it’s too early for the commanders to get defeated easily. Oda still hasn’t shown their ace cards which are probably their awakened forms. Zoan as we know is tough and durable so it’s too easy for them to go down this early.

It is also worth noting that all members of Tobi Roppo also suffered defeat quite easily. They are also yet to awaken their true form of zoans and when they do, it is going to be quite chaotic.

All of Strawhats have a huge task ahead of them. When the Onigashima finally lands near Flower Capital, they will likely fight Tobi Roppo and commanders once again. And this time around, they’re going to have a tough time compared to the previous occasion.

Will Zoro Defeat King In One Piece Chapter 1036?

Luffy vs Kaido and Other Fights

While we are focusing on commanders, let’s not forget about the main battle which is occurring on the rooftop of Onigashima. Kaido vs Luffy has entered its final stages and things are about to get violent.

Luffy has learned about using COC and coating his body with it. Because of it, he’s able to fight Kaido on equal footing. Though it’s still a long shot, there’s still some work for Luffy to do to defeat the strongest creature in the world.

Meanwhile, Kid and Law are on the case of Big Mom. Last time we saw them, both of them articulated a plan that resulted in Big Mom sustaining an injury. This of course made Big Mom furious and she consumed 1 year of her life to attack both.

We still don’t know what direction Oda is heading in with regards to Big Mom. Will she fall in Wano along with Kaido or is there something more in store for her? We will find out as the arc concludes.

Will Zoro be able to defeat King in One Piece chapter 1036? Let us know what you think in the comments. For more updates, don’t forget to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to read on Viz media and Mangaplus.

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