Will there be a 4th “Back To The Future film?”

back to the future

Back to the Future Film

The groundbreaking 1985 sci-fi drama, Back To The Future is one of the most loved movies in the world. Robert Zemeckis, one of the most influential writers and directors, made the movie. For the love of the time travel and classic DeLorean, the film is a cult classic and who could forget the no-lace Nike sneakers.

The franchise did expand to three-part series. Nevertheless, the second and the third instalment is not as popular as the original and the first instalment.

Will there be a sequel for Back To The Future franchise?

There isn’t much chance for the fourth movie to happen. The director of Back To The Future, Robert Zemeckis himself told The Guardian that he’s not planning to curate a fourth movie. Zemekick and Frank Marshall, the producer of the series are extremely sure about the future of the franchise.

Moreover, the notable creators and producers of Back To The Future feel the story is solid. On the other hand, they will not allow the prospect to disturb the story plot. According to Marshall, as long as he is in power, there won’t be a Back To The Future sequel. The franchise will follow the same suit as the ET, and the creators won’t tamper or make changes to the film.

Why won’t there be a Back To The Future 4?

By the looks of it, the creators want to keep the integrity of the film intact. Moreover, this is quite a perfect choice given that the film series is a cult classic of the past. Zemeckis feels that rebooting the movie would put an end to the essence that Marty, Doc and DeLorean brought to life.

Back in the year 2015, Robert Zemeckis said in the interview that if there would be a sequel of Back to the Future, then it would be over his dead body.

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