Will Sanji Die in Wano? One Piece Discuss

Will Sanji Die in Wano?
Zoro vs Sanji

The Wano arc from One Piece has thrown a lot of curveballs so far. One of them was the reveal of Sanji gaining the powers like his brothers but also gradually losing his emotions. His story arc is heading in a direction that no fan of Sanji would want to see. However, it seems like it will be inevitable.

Vinsmoke Sanji, the son of Vinsmoke Judge may die in the Wano arc. Oda has already hinted at his death and he may sacrifice himself for the greater good as the arc nears its end. And it will be Roronoa Zoro who will put an end to him. Let’s find out if Sanji is going to die in Wano or he’s going to survive the ordeal.

Will Sanji Die in Wano?
Will Sanji Die in Wano?

Will Sanji Die in Wano? What Led to This?

The problem with Sanji right now is that he’s afraid he will lose himself if he continues to exist. Sanji would never dare to hit a woman, however, in his recent outing, he unconsciously beat a woman until she started bleeding. This caused mental damage to Sanji.

But on the other side, he believes that this side makes him less vulnerable. Furthermore, he could take out monsters like Queen without any worries because of this power. However, it all comes down to what kind of person Luffy wants. Does he want Sanji to be an emotionless weapon or just good old pervert Sanji?

Sanji’s Decision

We aren’t sure about Sanji but his Germa suit surely had a short lifespan. Sanji only used it two times and he has enough of it. Because of its effect, his genes of the body started to change and hence he started losing his emotions. In the end, Sanji made a huge decision.

Sanji decided to destroy the raid suit in front of Queen who was a little disappointed. After all, he wanted to witness the power of Germa with his own eyes. But why he would wish for an enemy to power upgrade is beyond everyone’s understanding. But on the other hand, Queen is a weird dude so it’s not an unusual thing.

In any case, the truth is Sanji is conflicted right now. For the moment, he would just like to focus on the formidable enemy in front of him. Well, not so formidable now since Sanji claims he could beat him easily, thanks to this new power. It will be interesting to see what direction their battle goes.

Zoro’s Role

Sanji wants Zoro to finish him off after the fight ends if he starts losing himself. This clearly shows the bond between the wings of the future Pirate King. They may fight all the time but deep in their heart, they both have love and respect for each other.

When he asked Zoro to do this, he said sorry to him. He doesn’t want Zoro to go through that but he’s the only person he can trust to accomplish this task. Sanji is caught in a very devastating situation and it will be miraculous if he comes out of it alive.

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Zoro vs Sanji? Are We Going to See It?

Zoro vs Sanji? Are We Going to See It?

Yes, it’s almost confirmed that Zoro and Sanji will clash at the end of the Wano arc. In some way, Sanji will completely lose himself and Zoro will have to put an end to him. It will be difficult for him but he will have to do it at any cost.

Zoro and Sanji’s fight is much anticipated within the community and it will possibly shut down fans on who’s the stronger between two. But for that, we will have to wait and see till Kaido and his army are defeated.

Is Sanji going to die in Wano? Let us know what you think in the comments. For more One Piece updates, make sure to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to read on Viz media.

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