Why Lauren dropped Andrew at Married in First Sight | in which they’re currently

This was arguably the greatest scandal of Married in First Sight Australia, if Lauren Bran abandoned Andrew Jones hanging following their wedding .

We are utilized to seeing couples paired up by specialists then marrying literally since they first find each other when a person falls down the aisle about the reality TV series.

But matters did not go to fund its season 4 bunch once the series aired in 2017, since Lauren turned into a runaway bride.

Three decades on, and since the series airs on E4we have a peek at exactly where the few are currently, and what precisely caused Lauren to perform a runner.

Here is what you will need to understand.

Why did Lauren and Andrew split?

It seemed like Lauren, 33, also Andrew, respectively 38,’d discovered their own happily ever after they stated”I really do.”

The few seemed to be enjoying one another’s company on the very day of the wedding, since they posed for photographs and also cut off their wedding cake.

But matters could not be different for unmarried mother Lauren, who subsequently took off in quite dramatic scenes with no notice.

Andrew — that functions as a firefighter — claims he was not able to achieve her wondered if she did not enjoy how he seemed.

“I have not had any contact Lauren so that I don’t know the actual story. I had been wondering exactly what it was that made her take away so fast,” he disclosed at the moment.

“I had been thinking somebody hasn’t enjoyed the appearance of me that they have removed over hours… it is a flat out refusal.  I attempted to reach her and that I did not hear anything. I do not necessarily require an apology but an excuse may be helpful. It has had a huge effect on me personally.”

So what was it that produced Lauren do a runner?

Why did Lauren run off?

Days later she jilted himthe few came face-to-face within an emotional interview led by dating psychologist, and John Aiken.

Lauren attempted to clarify what had been going through her head at the moment, stating:”It has been really stressful… I was not myself about the afternoon and I had been a great deal more out of varieties than I typically would be.”

She continued:”I was like,’Oh my God I am glad I did not wear heels’ and sounds really vain but that I had been expecting somebody quite tall.

“I had been hoping for somebody who’d been through a busted marriage and’d had children. Individuals may show compassion but some folks do not get it till you have had children ”

Lauren explained she finally left as she felt vulnerable and has been fearful of getting hurt.

“This had been my way of handling things… it’s from being hurt before. There is a whole lot more that belongs on it”

Though not having children of their own, Andrew disclosed he’d spent decades mentoring 12-year-olds, and Lauren appeared amenable to fix their relationship, however it had been only a bit too late since Andrew determined that he was no longer curious.

“The things which you will need to rely upon in a group partner weren’t there in the point and they may not be there ,” he explained.

Andrew and Cheryl

Andrew has been awarded another shot to the series and has been paired with baldness helper Cheryl Maitlanda swimsuit model, who’d initially been paired together with Jonathan.

But in addition they broke up until the last conclusion and stay separated.

Where’s Andrew currently?

After the encounter, Andrew stated that he suffers from trust problems and he’d never show up on a show like this again.

Talking to Email Online, he clarified:”There is still a little bit of bitterness and PTSD nearly — as you find the advertisement and you also hear that the voiceovers and you still get that rush of some sense, just like you understand what is happening.”

Where’s Lauren now?

per week later after leaving the series, Lauren fulfilled her new spouse Jake Barnett later he approached her in a neighborhood pub in Cronulla in Sydney’s south and they affirmed the romance into OK! magazine.

“We fulfilled locally via a neighborhood pub in the Shire,” she explained. “I had been with my mother and that is when he came to my desk.”

The group regrettably suffered a miscarriage in December 2017.

“It was emotional and that I was amazed,” she told news.com. au of her eight-week miscarriage.

The pregnancy was not planned — nonetheless Bran, 34, stated the couple chose to adopt it.

“It was just one of the things that occurred and we were planning to go through with it. However, it was not healthy and that I dropped the baby and things were not perfect.”

She added that it was”dreadful” but it”was not intended to be more”.

Married At First Sight Australia is about E4. Determine which of those Married In First Sight Australia couples are still together. If you’re on the lookout for much more to see, have a look at our TV Guide.

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