Why Is Not Screech about the Saved by the Bell Reboot?

The Saved by the Bell reboot is in its way, but it is going to be lacking one of its most renowned figures: Screech, performed with Dustin Diamond. Though nobody has explicitly stated why Screech will not be from the reboot, it appears fairly possible the Diamond’s behind-the-scenes antics from the decades since the series finished are supporting his exception.

Back in 2009, he printed a controversial tell-all novel, Underneath the Bell, that painted the show and its cast at a really unflattering light. His publication maintained that a variety of shenanigans, from drug use to hookups and much more, were moving behind the scenes from this first series. It was subsequently adapted to some 2014 Lifetime film, which attracted the scandals back in the spotlight. The majority of his former castmates ardently denied the tales from the publication.

In 2016, Diamond appeared The Dr. Oz Show to plead to the publication and assert that the tales were the job of a ghostwriter, maybe not him. “As it happens, the public does not recognize, I did not write the novel. I had a ghostwriter,” he explained on the series, before fixing his former castmates right back. “I think you are excellent, working together with you was merely one of the icons of my entire life, and I am sorry this has taken good care of mepersonally, the publication, along with other scenarios I am sure we will speak about this. But I am certain you’ve undergone downfalls, too, on your own time, and I am still loving you men.”

At a February 2020 meeting with TMZ, Diamond voiced his frustration of being excluded. “I am one of those rare men and women who had been in each episode. How can you’ve got Saved by The Bell with no Screech? It looks like there is a lost chance,” he explained. “I believe everybody should probably be thinking exactly the identical thing so far as I am concerned. Everyone ought to be thinking we ought to all be a part of the… You’ve got to possess all of the cast members. When it is a reboot of the whole show, you need to bring all of the principles”

However, the damage seemed to be performed: Diamond hasn’t appeared in some of those informal reunions the still-close throw have experienced over recent years. Between the fallout on his novel and his own issues with the legislation (according to CNNhe had been sentenced to four months in prison for stabbing a man in a bar fight in 2014, subsequently was set back in prison following a probation violation), it is not surprising he will not be a part of this reboot.

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