Why is John A. Macdonald the Variant of Stalin?

A massive conversation, kindness, Sept. 12

The debate which John A. Macdonald was a product of the time and shouldn’t be judged by the caliber of the gift is monumentally untrue. Hitler and Stalin were products of the period, therefore should figurines of these be preserved to honor their accomplishments? Saying that figurines are public possessions and parts of background is simply as (misguided). The actual debate of these letters is that Macdonald is a father of Confederation therefore that he must find a pass on whatever . If the statue would be to honor Macdonald especially because of his job to Canadian Confederation, then that is fine provided that it’s placed clearly within this context since in a museum specializing in the matter, not restraining the public area and noticed of context.

Giao Buchan, Richmond Hill

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