Why Eric Church Felt’Uncomfortable’ About Growing Entertainer of the Year CMAs 2020

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After Blotting his Strike”Hell of a View” in the 2020 CMA Awards, Eric Church won Entertainer of the Year, beating out Luke Combs, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.

On Wednesday night,”Extra’s” Alecia Davis talked with Church following his triumph. He confessed,”that I felt somewhat uneasy, if I am being truthful, accepting this award. I haven’t played in more than a year. I haven’t jumped on a guitar, so that it was challenging. I love it , but in precisely the identical time… this season isn’t about this specific award but on the reality that we are all attempting to collect again, all attempting to return to normalcy.”

Through his acceptance address, Eric declared the highlighting effect of audio. He said Alecia,”If you shop about at this time, we are all about branch — you’ve got people that select political sides along with each other hand. However, when you’re in a concert and you set your hands around the individual beside you and you also sing whatever song that’s you enjoy and you change back and forth, then you simply do not know if he’s a Democrat or Republican, when he cares about gun rights or abortion rights — you enjoy that second.”

“That is what’s missing at this time, that is what’s been placed on pause, and” Church highlighted. “As everything has been political, this moment of communion, of becoming America, has really gone . For me personally, it is about getting back into this. I believe music, it is the hint of the soul.”

Eric was pleased to be in a position to perform the show in man, stating,”It was very cool to look around and go,’We can accomplish this. ”’

Expressing just how far he misses the audiences, Eric pointed out,”I really hope we could do so together with all the fans… I miss this.”

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