Reason Why Deku Can’t Give One For All To Bakugo – My Hero Academia Big Reveal!

Reason Why Deku Can’t Give One For All To Bakugo
Reason Why Deku Can’t Give One For All To Bakugo

The recent chapter of My Hero Academia has brought new elements to the story. Deku’s departure from the academy has shocked everyone as he is on a quest to defeat All For One. Amidst all this, we’ve got answers to some major questions regarding One For All.

During his conversation with all predecessors, Deku found out that he can no longer pass on his quirk to another user. It cements the theory that Deku will be the last user of this powerful quirk.

It largely changes a lot of things in the universe of Boku No My Hero Academia. Since Deku can no longer give this quirk to anyone, it eliminates the possibility of any new hero emerging with strength equivalent to All Might. This includes Bakugo as well who once longed to acquire the quirk that All Might possessed. He was pretty disappointed once he found out that All Might chose to give his quirk to Deku.

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Izuku Deku Midoriya
Izuku Deku Midoriya
ALERT: The following article contains spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

What is One For All?

One For All (OFA) is one of the strongest quirks in the universe of My Hero Academia. In the series, it was first introduced by All Might, the former number 1 hero. He passed on this quirk to quirkless Deku as he saw the passion in his eyes to become a hero. The quirk is generally regarded as the potentially strongest with its never-ending ability to enhance.

However, recent revelations have hinted that it’s no longer feasible. Now Deku can’t pass on his quirk to the next person.

One For All
All Might’s One For All quirk

Why Can’t Others Acquire One For All?

Why Deku can’t give One For All to Bakugo? While it’s not certain but there’s a huge possibility that no one after Deku will be able to possess One For All. The major cause for this is that people can’t have two quirks at the same time. The reason why Deku and All Might were able to manifest the power of the quirk was that they were originally quirkless.

If it was given to someone like Bakugo who already has a quirk, he won’t be able to maximize its potential.

Can 'One For All' be stolen in My Hero Academia?
Can ‘One For All’ be stolen in Boku No My Hero Academia?

Another important reason for its negligible possibility is that there aren’t many quirkless people who desire to become a hero. Not everyone has a passion like Deku to become the protector of people despite being born quirkless.

So it’s unlikely that another person will appear in front of Deku depicting the same passion that he once showed.

Why Can’t Deku Give One For All?
Why Can’t Deku Give One For All?

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What’s Next for Midoriya?

Now that passing of the quirk is out of the equation, Deku has set his mind on other things. In the latest chapter, we found out that he is en route to operate alone. He will no longer remain under the roof of UA and carve his path.

As we get into the next arc of My Hero Academia, we will find more about Deku’s plans for the future.

My Hero Academia Chapter 306
Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 306

Final Thoughts

What kind of impact will the absence of the next successor have on the story? Can another person with the same passion as Deku appear in the future?

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